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Chocolate: The Newest Sunscreen

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Chocolate as SunscreenWe have all heard of the proverbial apple that keeps the doctor away. But did you know that having a chocolate  everyday might help you succeed in keeping your beautician at bay too? Surprised? Well, a recent study result published in the Journal of Nutrition revealed the astonishing fact of chocolate acting as a sunscreen. No, you do not have to slather it all over your skin, simply pop a piece into your mouth and be rewarded with a smooth and wrinkle free skin.



The Study

Two groups of women were made to consume cocoa with varying degrees of flavonoids in it. The volunteers continued with it for three months when the results became obvious. While the skin of the women on a high flavonoid diet retained its moisture and became considerably smoother, it also did not burn easily or become dark red on being exposed to UV rays. This is encouraging to say the least for it is a well known fact that UV rays is the leading cause of  skin cancer .  Scientists now hope that adding rich, dark chocolate to one’s daily diet may actually prove to be even more beneficial than coating your skin with a sunscreen lotion on sunny days.

Dark Chocolate


The Results

The results of the study revealed that the women who ingested over 329 milligrams of cocoa per day experienced an increase in blood flow to the skin making it healthier. The skin also became denser, thicker and smoother. The moisture within the skin was retained appreciably making it softer and supple too. Scaly skin, a problem experienced in most European countries all but disappeared when put on a diet of antioxidant  and flavonoid rich, dark chocolate.



Can Candy Bars Help You?

Mars Inc., the candy company partially sponsored the study and was overjoyed to discover new prospects for its chocolate based products. But will biting into a bar of chocolate or having a glass of cocoa milk be enough to ensure that your skin remains healthy? The question is indeed a tricky one as none of the currently available flavonoid rich products can actually help you to ingest so much chocolate without the associated high calories. Mars Inc. might just have to make a new one if enough people clamor for it, revealed Harold Schmitz, the science officer of the company.


What about organic chocolate then? Well, it all depends on the purity factor as well as the amount of flavonoids in it. But indulging in a bar of Snickers or Kit Kat certainly isn’t going to help you. So make it a habit to add cocoa or dark chocolate to your daily diet and enjoy the sunny weather as never before.


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Chocolate: The Newest Sunscreen