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Sodas For Breakfast, Anyone?

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Sodas 1Sodas are the most unhealthy drink to have. If you don’t believe us, ask New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is in the process of implementing a ban on soda drinks above 16-ounce in size. However, if looks like American fast food restaurants think otherwise, which is why more and more fast food chains are offering sodas for breakfast. Clearly, these fast-food joints at putting a spoke in the federal government’s anti-obesity drive but are people actually aware of what is happening around them? Doesn’t look like they are!



The Three Stooges

At present, there are three fast food chains, which serve soft drinks during breakfast hours. These are Steak ‘n’ Shake, Taco Bell, and Sonic. Although, these chains do not sell sodas throughout their outlets but only at select locations but the way promotions are happening, this sounds like a warning bell. Experts suggest that the companies are keen on promoting soft drinks during early hours of the day because it is earning them more profit. One such consultant says, “Oh my God, ask a dentist. They’re doing it because it’s more profitable than coffee.” The trend is growing as market reports reveal that burger chains are selling 3% more soft drinks in morning since last year while the year before, there was a 3% drop in the same. So, things are looking up for businessmen but not for health of the people.



The Morning Promotions sodas 2

Here is a look at some of the promotions on soft drinks available in the fast food chains in the country:


  1. Taco Bells outlets in Fresno and Southern California are selling Mountain (MTN) Dew A.M., which is a mix of Mountain Dew and OJ. This drink has been brought out “in response to consumer demand” and is served till 11 A.M. everyday.

  2. Steak ‘n Shake offers one free taco if a customer purchases a 28-ounce Coca-Cola between 6 and 11 A.M. The chain is even offering a coupon for this purchase on its Facebook page.

  3. Sonic restaurants, in select markets, are offering “Morning Drink Stop”, which are 99-cent fountain drinks, again during breakfast hours.


So, if you were wondering what is making Americans fatter, you need to look into the nearest fast food restaurant.



The Soft Drink Curse

In the past 20 years, New York-based consumer research firm, NPD Group reports, while the consumption of coffee has dropped down, the consumption of carbonated soft drinks in breakfast hours is continually growing. The NPD group report, released a few years ago, full-sugar sodas are more popular during breakfast hours and people choose the diet varieties less often. Another study claimed that 50% of Americans, above age four, drink soda pop almost daily. The study claims that the heightened soda consumption is “a young adult phenomenon.”


While someone said that these fast food chains should be sued for encouraging unhealthy drinking habits, the trend seems far from over. Well, if people want to commit suicide over breakfast, who can stop them from doing so? Have a look at one advert, which promotes one such sodateria.

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Sodas For Breakfast, Anyone?