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Double Elimination On MasterChef Stuns All

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MasterChef Season 3Well, MasterChef Season 3 eliminated not one but two contestant this Tuesday, just prior to the 4th of July celebrations. While it is an indication of the contest now becoming more focused and serious with only the top 9 amateur cooks remaining in the fray, we cannot help but feel sorry for Tanya and Mike who had to be sent home.



Mystery Box Challenge

Episode 10 opened with the Top 11 contestants being subjected to yet another round of mystery box challenge. However, they do get an opportunity of watching MasterChef judge Graham Elliot in action as he shows them how to get organized and handle unknown and apparently mismatched ingredients in order to create an absolutely stunning dish. That too in just 60 minutes. The contestants are naturally awed and thank their lucky stars that Elliot oly gets to work with them not compete against them!

MasterChef Season 3

Rabbit and forbidden rice along with purple Brussels sprouts  pop out of the mystery challenge box. There are a few commonplace, everyday ingredients like mushrooms and ginger within it as well. But to whip up a stunning dish? The challenge seems to be too great as the competitors start working in earnest.


Top Dishes

Graham Elliot is the best ofcourse, but then his spectacular five way rabbit plated exquisitely with fennel panna cota and carrot slaw pickles is a work of art. Frank with his two-way rabbit and veggie medley is approved by the judges while Cowboy Mike and Becky were selected as the the other competitors elevated to the Top 3. It is ultimately Becky who becomes a winner for the first time and gets to choose the kitchen equipments for herself as well as the entire group participating in the next round. So it is a deep fryer for her and a pizza stone for the rest this time!


Worst Dishes

David decides to use his tool for smoking while Mike uses it to prepare a roasted lobster tail. Both dishes go awry and the judges delegate both of them at the bottom of the heap. Blind contestant  Christine’s Indian flatbread and leader Becky’s shrimp tempura gets high praise from Judge Ramsay while Tanya keeps struggling with her dish of lamb cutlets. Joe is amazed to find that se intends to serve raw garlic cloves with it and demands that the people likely to eat her food be show some respect.


After a highly dramatic tasting session, Chef Ramsay asks Mike to leave. The elation of reaching  the top 10 is short lived though as Ramsay decides to eliminate Tanya as well!



Nine of them remain now, daunted by the prospect of creating miracles with the uni or sea urchin next Monday. Lets wait and see who can ‘bell the uni’ then.


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Double Elimination On MasterChef Stuns All