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Is America Becoming A Slave To 'Pink Milk'?

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Pink Milk 1You may have heard of pink slime being served in school cafeterias across America, now read about the 'pink milk,'  which is as dangerous, if not more. Children these days are piling on empty calories with their school lunches and nobody seems bothered about it. While health crusaders like British chef Jamie Oliver are continuously raising their voices against the onslaught of sugary drinks and fatty foods on the school cafeteria menus, they are still in minority. Talking about pink milk, it is a collective term given to flavored milk, which is nothing but a deposit of sugary content, masqueraded as a health drink. Wanna know more about it, then, read on



Pink Milk


Milk is an important part of our daily diet, especially that of your children. And whatever anyone may say about milk being a calf's right and not a human food, the truth is milk gives children calcium and Vitamin D, both important for a healthy body and bones. However, when that bountiful glass of milk is served with four spoonfuls of sugar in it, does it make the milk any better or a whole lot worse? We are afraid, the answer is the latter. Parents, who read about this may feel helpless, angry, or even embarrassed that they allow their child's school to feed such nonsense in the cafeteria, but the truth is, flavored milk is on the menu everywhere, these days, from school lunches to home meals, simply because it is easy to procure and kids love it. Earlier this year, when it was revealed that majority of pink slime, which is basically beef trimmings, ground and packed, was being served by the government at its school cafeterias, the nation was outraged. It seems that the pink milk fiasco also needs to be brought to light so strongly that people have no choice but to act on its rectification.



 The Bogus Cafeteria Meals


The worst part of the pink milk tragedy is that it is taking place right under your noses and is getting compounded everyday because of the rest of the choices given on the school menu. Watch children eating hamburger and fries for their lunch along with the can of flavored milk and you realize that it is empty calories and little else that is being fed into those little bodies. Is that the kind of diet, which would help the children grow into healthy adults? No way! One bottle of strawberry-flavored milk contains 33g of sugar. On the nutrition scale, that is carbohydrates worth more than two meals.



The Obesity Epidemic 


It is common knowledge that America is on the brink of an obesity epidemic. It has the highest rate of obesity in the world and majority of the population just cannot afford to make wrong health choices. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported that the childhood obesity rates have tripled in the past three decades and presently, more than one third of American children as well as adolescents are overweight or obese. Children, who are our future, are far more vulnerable if they are constantly fed empty calories, thanks to sugary beverages like pink milk.



 The Nanny State Pink milk 2


When the New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg proposed a ban on sugary beverages weighing more than 16 ounces, he was booed from all quarters and was accused of imposing a nanny state rule on NYC. However, if the situation continues as it is in America, then, very soon, a nanny state would be our only option because as it seems, people, by themselves, are not making healthy choices. The worst example of this is the pink milk served and consumed in school cafeterias, restaurants, and homes.



 The Weak Point


If you ask the school authorities why they allow pink milk to be served on their premises, they will say that the government tells them to serve milk to children. If you question the cafeteria operators about it, they defend themselves saying that the children are too happy to consume milk with added sugar and artificial coloring. That leaves just the children, who do not know anything but are still made to consume empty calories in the name of healthy choices.


When President Obama signed the Healthy, Hunger-Free Act of 2010 in December two years ago, it became a federal law to ensure meal benefits for impoverished school children all over the country. Keeping the spirit of this federal law alive, the government should crackdown on the pink milk service too so that the kids are served milk that is free of added sugar and artificial coloring. But before that, it is the duty of the parents and the school authorities to introspect and do something about this pink milk.


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Is America Becoming A Slave To 'Pink Milk'?