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Wendy’s Offer 4 Frosties For Diabetes Charity

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If you donate to the cause of diabetes at Wendy’s, you will get four Frosties, Wendy’s signature product, free of cost. This offer may strike as a contradiction to most but this being the summer and the weather really hot, people do not mind having some extra sweet coolness in lieu of a good deed.

New Campaign

The new campaign launched by the Wendy’s is in collaboration with the “Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation,” (JDRF) which facilitates research in diabetes among children and youngsters. The Wendy’s-JDRF campaign says that those you donate $1 to this cause will receive four small Frosties in return.

Nutritional Value

Come to think of it, one small Frosty contains 42gms of sugar. As per the recommended daily intake of calories, which is 2,200, the permissible amount of sugar that you should eat daily is about 44gms. So, in effect, you are taking almost your daily quota of sugar with just one Frosty and Wendy’s is offering you three more, free! That would be 168gms of refined sugar. Now, either you take at least three more friends with you to eat the rest of the free Frosties, or get ready for a bout of diabetes for yourself too.


This means, one small Frosty is worth your daily intake of sugar and that is where you should stop. But that is not where it all stops. People usually order a Frosty along with a meal of a burger and fries, which makes up for more than 1,300 calories. Therefore, if you end up donating $1 at Wendy’s, you can easily skip your breakfast, lunch, or dinner, depending on what time you made the donation, because if you don’t, you will end up overeating.


What is disturbing is the fact that this is not the first questionable campaign that Wendy’s is running. Back in 2009, Wendy’s in Austin, Texas, had sold its coupons books for four free Frosties to donate the amount, thus raised, to the JDRF. While rewarding the buyers or donors with just one Frosty may not seem too much, giving away four free Frosties is a bit too much.


The donation goes towards Juvenile Diabetes, which is caused, not by poor eating, but by making poor health choices, either yourself or on behalf of your children. So, in effect, by donating for a noble cause, you are putting your own health at the risk of diabetes. It is surprising that the chain, which could think up such a contradictory campaign, was once adjudged the best fast food chain in America!


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Wendy’s Offer 4 Frosties For Diabetes Charity