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Celebs Swear By Party Girl Drip

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Vitamin DripCelebs are usually busy  attending parties, events and openings throughout the day and a small thing like taking the right amount of nutrients via various supplements or vitamin pills  is often missed by them. Well, Cheryl Cole, the singer of “Call my Name” has found out an easy solution. She goes around with a drip being inserted into her arm, a drip that injects the necessary vitamins into her body, drop by drop.


Now that is something believed to be a painful process. But apparently, the stars are not averse to a little pain in order to gain. Nor is Cole the only one! Apparently, Rihanna had posted a picture of herself on Twitter with a drip going into her arm. She was also helping herself to a mixture of nutrients and vitamins. She seemed to be ecstatic about her ‘party girl drip’ as she called it. Geri Halliwell and Simon Cowell are also rumored to belong to this club.


What Is The Drip Meant For?

The drip was originally fashioned for patients who suffered from malnutrition and could not feed themselves. People suffering from chronic fatigue  or depression & anxiety  were also given their proper dosage of nutrients via the drip. News has it that the private clinics are now willing to hand them over to the rich and famous for a price, of course. $175-$275 a session for getting such a drip seems to be a trifle high though. Despite the steep price tag, the ‘vitamin drip club’ is slowly growing in numbers with the medicos and dieticians endorsing them as a panacea for curing hangovers and instant energy givers. Apart from Vitamins B and C they may also contain minerals like chromium and zinc which are necessary for the body.


Who Else Is taking It?

Even music director Carmen Key has joined the bandwagon proclaiming that a drip makes her feel alive. Wouldn’t eating a green salad washed down by fresh orange juice do that too? Carmen disagrees; she feels that getting the requisite nutrients via the oral route is not enough of an energy booster.


Well, the argument about whether the traditional food and vitamin supplements are inadequate goes on while a select few simply swear by the drip method. What do you think? Would you be game to get hooked on to a vitamin fix? Do write in with your comments.


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Celebs Swear By Party Girl Drip