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Television Show Causes Dietary Supplement To Sell Out

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Raspberry Ketone SupplementRaspberry ketones, a compound responsible for the aroma of the ripe red raspberry has become extremely popular of late. Dietary supplements containing the compound have been disappearing from health stores at astonishing speed thanks to a day time health based TV show, “The Dr Oz  Show.” Dr. Mehmet Oz is a well known name in the dietary world and people were overjoyed to hear him proclaim that raspberry ketones could indeed miraculously burn out body fat  without any particular side effects.


Lisa Lynn, a diet expert as well as a contributor to health based programs on television concurs that the research results on raspberry ketones are true enough as they help to burn excessive fat from the body far more quickly than any other supplements. Her patients have been experiencing weight loss in 5 days flat, she says. Intake of the supplement regularly promotes the formation of adiponectin, a fatty tissue hormone that regulates the metabolism of fat. Slim individuals have an increased amount of the hormone which  help to regulate weight say the scientists.


The health stores are finding it hard to stock Raspberry ketone supplements as they are running out of stock within minutes. Most stores are besieged by inquires about the new miracle supplies so much so that even the stores that normally do not stock weight less products are making an exception for this one.


While the craze for a quick solution to the age old problem has taken the US by storm, there is really no shortcut when it comes to burning fat feel the doctors. The most effective way would be to reduce the intake of calories and increase its burning, the scientists state. FDA had already proclaimed the supplement to be safe far back in 1965 but has never endorsed that it had magical properties. Raspberry ketones may be able to supplement your daily diet but to regard it as an instant method for losing weight would be too foolhardy reiterate the health experts despite what the TV shows proclaim.


So, you need to eat healthy and work out properly in order to maintain a proper body weight. Do not get swayed by fads or rumors even if you happen to hear about them on television.


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Television Show Causes Dietary Supplement To Sell Out