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SRK’s Knights Treated Like Kings In Kolkata!

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SRK's Knights treated as Kings


Bollywood Superstar Shahrukh added yet another feather to his cap as the winner of the coveted IPL cup this season. His team got home to a hero’s welcome as they stepped out of the airplane into the city of Kolkata. Hordes of fans  with huge cutouts of the cricketing heroes , wearing the team colors cheered them on as they stepped into the team bus headed for the ITC, Sonar Bangla Hotel.


The hotel left no stone unturned as they got prepared to welcome the knights home too. A gigantic poster was put up at the entrance of the hotel depicting the logo of the team, crafted ingeniously with tiny grains of rice and pulses. A video recording of all the memorable moments of the team’s victories was played again and again in the background while skipper Gautam Gambhir and man of the match, Manvinder Bisla cut the celebratory cake which was followed by the spraying of champagne.


The kitchen staff, not to be outdone, got cracking to come up with unique dishes aptly named after the players of the team.  While the actual ingredients and the cooking process were kept closely guarded by the chefs, the names proved to be a source of delight to all lovers of the game. Some of the best loved dishes included:-

  • ·         Gambhir's Balle-e-Baazi
  • ·         Abdullah's all out
  • ·         The Kallis Hattick
  • ·         Pattinson's Maiden Over
  • ·         The Tender Pathan
  • ·         Hasan Hits the Wicket
  • ·         Tiwary's International Innings
  • ·         Balaji's catch of the day
  • ·         Mccullum's Glove
  • ·         Morgan's Pavilion
  • ·         Lee on the Go


The tired but happy team retired for the night only to wake up to another felicitation by the Chief Minister of Bengal this time. A special hybrid dessert called sandek made by uniting the cake and sandesh was created by “Girish Chandra Dey & Nakur Chandra Nandy”, a noted sweet shop of West Bengal.  Juhi Chawla , the Bollywood star and joint owner of KKR cut the cake together with Gautam Gambhir amidst lusty cheers as the chief minister and West Bengal Brand Ambassador SRK looked on.


The son of Kolkata ( Saurav Ganguly a.k.a Dada) and Son-in-law of the city (M. S. Dhoni) were conspicuous by their absence as the State Government felicitated  the winners. Catch the felicitation program in the video below:-




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SRK’s Knights Treated Like Kings In Kolkata!