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Celeb Chefs Give Tips For Staying Slim This Summer

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Staying slimThe summer season is round the corner and the ladies out there must be preparing to get into their summer frocks and attend picnics, barbecues, and parties. Well, seems like the right time to share some celebrity tips so that you can stay slim this summer. It helps that the tips are coming from celebrity chefs, who know their food and how to eat it. So, food is one thing you won’t have to sacrifice this summer. Just listen to these tips and lead a healthy life all the way:


1) How Smart Chefs Stay Slim?


You must be curious to know that? So was senior journalist Allison Adato. That is why she went ahead and wrote a book titled “Smart Chefs Stay Slim: Lessons in Eating and Living from America’s Best Chefs.” The list of celebrity chefs who have been lined up to give you tips in this book includes Wolfgang Puck, Cat Cora, Tom Colicchio, and Rick Bayless. The tips they provide for a slimmer body are no rocket science. In fact, you may have come across these suggestions in your daily life but just as it happens with all of us, we don’t accept it till we hear it from a celebrity. That is why, this book works better at driving home the point that staying slim is in your hands only. So, read what the chefs say and try to adopt these tips.


2) Cat CoraSlim 1

Cora, the “Iron Chef”, has four young sons but she doesn’t cave in to their kiddy demands. Food is always healthy, grilled, and made in skewered versions to appeal to the young ones. Speaking about stick-food, Cora has the following opinion, "The kids love it. We'll do a salmon skewer and Romesco sauce [nuts, garlic, olive oil, and peppers] or lamb with a mint-yogurt sauce and pita bread."


Slim 2

3) Melissa d'Arabian


This Food Network host is famous for her "Ten Dollar Dinners" and her tip to staying slim is also cheap and effective. She says, "Make coconut water into ice cubes for drinks, or just suck on them like mini popsicles."


4) Padma LakshmiSlim 3


There is a reason why this beautiful American host of Indian descent has been voted one of the sexiest chefs. Hear it in her own words, "Try mango chutney with apple and cheddar grilled cheese sandwiches."


slim 4

5) Geoffrey Zakarian


Another Food Network veteran, Chef Geoffrey is known for being a straightforward judge on "Chopped." His tip is straightforward too, "Slice chilled cucumbers, leave the skin on and sprinkle them with sea salt. They're a great potato chip alternative."


6) Patrick & Gina Neely  Slim 5


This husband-wife chef team has made a name for itself while hosting Food Network's "Down Home with the Neelys." This is their tip to stay summer-slim, "Agave nectar is perfect to add to sweet tea or a cocktail."


With the summer sun shining brightly overhead, and the beaches and fun calling out to you, keep these celebrity tips handy if you want to stay slim. If you want some more tips, then read about these snacking tips to stay svelte all your life.


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Celeb Chefs Give Tips For Staying Slim This Summer