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When Fruits & Vegetables Become Bad For You!

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Rhubarb leavesFruits and vegetables are, perhaps, the best things to include in your daily diet. However, you must exercise caution while indulging in this good habit because it may not take long for this habit to turn bad. For instance, an apple is the best thing to eat regularly but its seeds are certainly not. Similarly, raw yucca, a type of starchy root, is poisonous while cooked yucca is not. So, you get it? Precaution is necessary while indulging in your love for fruits and veggies.


1) Rhubarb Leaves


People use rhubarb all the time – in pies, casseroles, and other dishes. So, when you are told that its leaves are poisonous, you are bound to ask, why? Well, all that is known for now is that the leaves contain two compounds – oxalate and anthraquinone glycosides – which are believed to be responsible for necessary precaution against rhubarb leaves.


2) Apple Seeds Apple seeds


All your life, you haven’t thought twice before picking up an apple and biting into its juicy goodness. Well, here is the meal breaker. The apple seeds are poisonous because of the substance Amygdalin in them. Although, you need to consume quite a high quantity of seeds to face any serious trouble from this substance, but why take unnecessary risk?


Raw Yucca3) Raw Yucca


Also known as cassava, this root is favored for being a rich source of carbohydrates but you cannot eat it raw. In fact, if you eat yucca cooked inadequately, you run the risk of cyanide intoxication, which may, in turn, affect your ability to walk. This is because of two components linamarin and lotaustralin, both of which are destroyed on proper cooking only.


5) Raw Kidney Beans raw kidney beans


This is another food item that you should never eat raw because it contains high levels of toxic phytohemagglutinin in its raw form. Therefore, it is advised that the beans should be soaked overnight before discarding the water and being cooked.


Cherry seeds6) Cherry Seeds


This is another fruit, whose seeds you should never consume. The cherry pit has a seed inside it, which produced prussic acid, or hydrogen cyanide, when crushed or chewed. Keep this in mind next time you chew on cherries!


7) Lima Beans Raw lima beans


If you end up consuming raw lima beans, you can fall seriously ill. Though these beans are nutritious when cooked properly, the same cannot be said of the raw ones because these contain a substance called limarin.


Green potatoes8) Green Potatoes


Green potatoes are mainly due to high concentrations of solanine, which is a toxin that affects the central nervous system. Although, you need to consume it in large quantities to be seriously ill, but we suggest, stay away from the green for this once.


9) Peaches Pits Peaches pits


The bad news is that each peach pit contains 88mgms of cyanide and the good news is that unless the hard shell covering the pit is intact, you can swallow the pit and suffer nothing more than a stomach ache. But beware of a cracked pit.


Tomato leaves10) Tomatoes


While there may be confusion about whether tomato is a fruit or vegetable! There is no confusion regarding biting into a juicy, red tomato. What you should avoid, however, is the leaves of tomato plant, which are poisonous because of a chemical called Glycoalkaloid. This chemical, if ingested, can cause stomachaches and nervous disorder.


There, you have been warned about the fact that not all vegetables and fruits are good as a whole. You need to exercise precaution while consuming them. Only then will you  get to benefit from them.


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When Fruits & Vegetables Become Bad For You!