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Art Critic Fasts His Way From Breakdown To Well-Being

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Buchinger 1How many times have you felt bogged down by the daily grind and, then, wanted to just chuck it all  away and retreat into the mountains? Well, there is hope for all of you in the story of an acclaimed art critic who fasted his way from breakdown to well-being. Richard Dorment experienced it first hand and, as they say, lived to tell the tale. You can also get some inspiration from Dorment’s story and be able to fix your life.


1) The Buchinger Clinic


The Buchinger Clinic is located in the scenic Baden-Württemberg of Germany, about an hour from Zurich by car. When Dorment was told about this place first, he was ready to snap in face of the pressures imposed by a busy life and deadlines rushing past him. His friends assured him that a stay at this famed clinic, often referred to as the “Rolls Royce among spas,” would do him immense good. But if you are looking for light meals, long walks, and wine with dinner, you are sorely mistaken. This clinic is about much more profoundly effective treatments. The Clinic is a collection of low-built modern villas, overlooking the Lake Constance. This place is characteristic of silent refuge from the urban life and, once here, you can forget your worries.


2) What You Will Find There?


What Buchinger offers you is a medically supervised fast of at least two weeks, which can go up to three weeks as well. The Clinic website has all the information in great detail about what medical benefits are imparted by fasting. And mind you, the medical fasting has nothing to do with weight loss. It is only intended to improve your sense of well-being and help you mind in thinking more clearly. There are a dozen doctors and about two dozen nurses for a total of 140 guests at a time. People come here from Germany, France, England, and Russia and they are here to recover from ailments such as stress, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and rheumatism. The doctors offer them treatments such as cranium massage, physiotherapy, and acupuncture, besides counseling and meditation, to help these patients overcome their physical and mental ailments.


3) Fast Unto Healing Buchinger 2


A stay at the Buchinger begins with a consultation with the doctor who will look after you during your stay. Dr Van Houten listened to my story with attention, and then suggested I see a physiotherapist about my neck and a psychologist for the depression I had yet to acknowledge. She also recommended the long walks that take place every afternoon and that I would otherwise certainly have avoided. Discovering this beautiful part of Germany became one of the great pleasures of my time there. However, if you are thinking that Dorment was feeling the hunger pangs, you are again wrong. In his own words -

“Not for a moment did I feel real hunger. What I missed at first was the habit of eating, the absence of the mealtime ritual – and even that passed in a few days. You do tend to feel cold, and many people complain of sleeplessness, but these discomforts are easily shaken off, because within a few days you realize that the benefits of fasting far outweigh the effort you put into it.”


Fasting is not a new phenomenon in the world. People have been reaping the benefits of fasting during Lent since times immemorial. More recently, even Hollywood stars have begun to vouch for the benefits of liquid fast diets. Even Dorment came back calmer, lighter, and devoid of any physical pain, which he was experiencing prior to the visit. Thus, fasting is not necessarily bad. It is good for you albeit  under medical supervision. In case you have had a similar experience, do write in and share it with us.


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Art Critic Fasts His Way From Breakdown To Well-Being