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Is Sugar Really Lethal?

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SugarCan you imagine that the most preferred sweet source, sugar can turn lethal? Yes! It is true folks! Dr. Robert Lustig (Professor, Department of clinical pediatrics, University of California, San Francisco), has revealed that ‘sugar is toxic’. He was talking to Dr.Sanjay Gupta, on ’60 minutes’.




The sugar intake of Americans' has declined considerably and are filled with processed foods with high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners, the television show revealed. Dr.Lustig revealed the importance by emphasizing on people’s nature to focus on one dietary characteristic completely and ignore everything else. He said that, sugar is not the poison, but the dosage of consumption makes it toxic.


‘American Heart Association’ recommends less than 100 calories (25 gms) per day of sugar for females and less than 150 calories (38 gms) for males. This is very much a reduced quantity  when it comes to practical application since half a cup of chocolate flavored ice cream has 100 calories of energy.


In spite of the evidences that links increased sugar intake to chronic health troubles, it is seems to be very tough to completely omit sugar from the diet.


Tips To Reduce Sugar Intake:

  • Replace sweetened beverages with naturally sweet fruit juices.
  • Develop habits to read on the sugar ingredients in packed foods.
  • Reduce the quantity or the portion size of your sugar source gradually.


Your sugar sources from commercial products need not be direct sugars. Instead they may be any of the following: white sugar, pancake syrup, corn syrup solids, anhydrous dextrose honey, corn syrup, crystal dextrose, high fructose corn syrup, malt syrup, maple syrup, fructose sweetener, liquid fructose, molasses, and brown sugar. These sugar substitutes may be more toxic than the direct sugars which may cause detrimental effects to your health. So keenly watch your regular sugar intake and stay away from the health problems caused by the toxicity of sugars.


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Is Sugar Really Lethal?