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America! Chug On Beer Without Feeling Guilty

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Beer belly 1Now you can pick up that pint of beer without feeling guilty about it. Recent research has confirmed that consumption of beer may not be the main cause of having a beer belly. Although the scientists admit that drinking beer may be one of the causes of gaining weight, especially around the abdomen, but it is not the only cause. So, all you beer-crazy Americans, chug on!


1) The Beer Belly


Once defined as a status symbol, the beer belly, or the bulge around the waistline, especially in men, has come to be known as the storehouse of illnesses, particularly heart trouble in men. The beer belly is proportionately large in comparison to the hips or rest of the body. “Spare tire,” “Love handle”, and “muffin top” – these are some of the pejorative terms used to define a beer belly in men. And although it seems that men were not too happy to be decorated with such terms, they couldn’t do much to escape the same as men simply can’t live without beer. This is something you must already know from experience with your father, brother, boyfriend, or husband.


2) Science Comes to Rescue


A team of German scientists conducted an experiment over 20,000 people over a course of four years during which details were collected of how much beer they drank or what kind of food they ate on a daily basis. The beer consumption of these subjects was divided into categories that ranged from “very light” to “heavy.” The research was conducted by scientists of the German Institute of Human Nutrition Potsdam- Rehbrücke, Fulda University of Applied Sciences, and University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Apart from their beer and food consumption, the subjects were also asked to report their weight, waist and hip measurements, etc.


3) The Result


The study concluded that “beer consumption seems to be rather associated with an increase in overall body fatness.” The researchers said that their study “does not support the common belief of a site-specific effect of beer on the abdomen, the beer belly.” So there, beer alone does not give you a beer belly.


4) Other Reasons Beer belly 2


Since beer alone is not the reason why most men walk around with pot bellies, there may be other causes of fat deposit around the waist area:

  1. Sedentary lifestyle
  2. Easy access to cholesterol-laden foods

For years now, beer has been the scapegoat of America’s fury over the obesity epidemic, of which beer was considered to be a major cause. However, with the German study results, it seems that that may not have been true at all. In fact, if had in moderation, beer can be very much a part of your daily life, provided you are doing enough exercise and controlling your diet too. When you speak of beer and beer bellies now, keep in mind that beer is not the only culprit.


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America! Chug On Beer Without Feeling Guilty