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Berries Lower Parkinson’s Risk In Men!

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Berries‘Regular consumption of flavonoid rich foods such as apples, berries, certain vegetables, red wine and tea may appreciably lower their risk for the onset of Parkinson’s disease in men’-says a study which was published in the journal ‘Neurology’  led by Dr. Xiang Gao, (nutrition research scientist, Harvard School of Public Health, US) and Dr.Aedin Cassidy,(professor of nutrition, University of East Anglia's Norwich Medical School, UK).


What Is Parkison Disease?

Parkinson's disease is a degenerative neurological disease where the symptoms, such as rigidity, tremor and slowness of movement, gradually worsen over a period of time.


The Study

This study was mainly focused on the main protective effect of anthocyanins (sub-class of flavanoids), in berries like blackberries and blackcurrants, and other fruits, and also some vegetables, like egg plants.


Even though there are several studies which had proved earlier, the positive effect of flavonoids on blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and certain types of cancers this is the initial research to show that the compounds are capable enough to protect neurons of the brain from disorders like Parkinson's disease.


The researchers analyzed the data which was obtained from 49,281 male participants of the ‘Health Professional Follow-up Study’ (US) and 80,336 female participants of the ‘Nurses' Health Study’ (US). After 22 years of re-evaluation, it was found that 805 contributors of the study (438 men and 367 women), had developed Parkinson's disease.


The routine intake of five main sources of foods rich in flavonoids (apples, red wine, tea, berry fruits and oranges) was taken into consideration in terms of both total flavonoid as well as its subclasses’ intake.


The participants were ranked according to their flavonoid intake, as quintiles,(20%- lowest intake, next 20%-next lowest intake etc., and the link between the quintiles and risk for developing Parkinson's disease was analyzed by the researchers.


It was observed that in male participants with the highest quintile category of total flavonoids, it had a noteworthy 40% lower level risk for Parkinson's disease when compared with those in the lowest quintile category of total flavonoids intake. But the annoying part is that no such relationship between total flavonoids intake and Parkinson’s disease was observed in women.


Even though there is a need for more evidence regarding the importance of diet and its role in Parkinson’s disease in men, it is very sure that flavonoids in berries play a major role in maintaining optimal health and fighting against several health problems. So try to incorporate the healthy berries in your diet and eliminate the risk of Parkinson Disease appreciably.


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Berries Lower Parkinson’s Risk In Men!