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Your Supermarket May Influence Your Weight!

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Supermarket‘Your choice of supermarket may be linked to your weight’-says a French report of RECORD Cohort Study (“Residential Environment and CORonary heart Disease”), which was published in the journal PLoS ONE.







Researches which were done earlier on the impact of the food background on weight status had ignored whether people actually use the food hubs/chains near their residence. Rather they had used only uncongenial measures of the food environment stated for inhabited neighborhoods. 


To evaluate whether supermarkets have pertinent perspectives for interference, the present study explores the variations between inhabited neighborhood and supermarket and their effects on ‘body mass index’ (BMI) and ‘waist circumference’ (WC). It also examines the links between variety and uniqueness of supermarkets and BMI or WC, after adjustment for individual and inhabited neighborhood characteristics.


The study was conducted in the year 2007-2008 for which participants were selected from Paris, France. They were surveyed on the store (brand name and exact locality) where they use to go for food shopping.


On the whole, 7131 participants who shopped at 1097 different supermarkets were surveyed and models were measured for their BMI and WC.


Only 11.4% of the study subjects shopped for food, primarily within their inhabited neighborhood/locality. People who shop in the same shop had a more analogous BMI and WC than the ones shopping in different shops. 


Participants shopping in unambiguous supermarket brands, supermarkets which offered discounts (especially if they are less qualified), and in supermarkets whose catchment area encompassed low educated inhabitants had a comparatively higher BMI/WC.


This result highlights the importance of evaluating people’s personal food environments right from the supermarkets which are the places where the dietary favorites turn into specific procured foods.


So yes! Supermarkets are capable of influencing your weight! Think before you Shop!


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Your Supermarket May Influence Your Weight!