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Top 10 Health Frauds

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Health FraudsIt is an era of aggressive marketing! Anything packaged attractively and publicised extensively make its way into people’s regular routines quite easily, and most of these constitue the top ten health frauds. None of us give its authenticity a second thought, which is why we have governing bodies like the FDA to monitor such quackery.

Medical World News stated that an estimated amount of about $27 billion a year  is spent by Americans on fraudulent products or treatments. A survey by FDA revealed that 38 million Americans have used at least one fraudulent health product within the past year.  Read along and find out if you have been a victim of a health fraud, given below are the top ten health frauds recognized by the FDA.


Top Health Frauds Exposed!


1. Fraudulent Arthritis Products

Around 40 million American suffer from arthritis, out of which atleast 95% engage in some kind of home remedy for this problem. Cures like copper bracelets, Chinese herbal remedies, large doses of vitamins, snake or bee venom cannot help. People often confuse these unproven remedies may associate the remedy with the remission that happens periodically in arthritis.


2. Spurious Cancer Clinics

Tall claims of cancer cure have often fallen short when tried out. Miraculous cure using ineffective substances such as Laetrile (derived from apricot kernels) and vitamins and minerals have led to disastrous effects. People suffering from cancer, especially children refrain from taking legitimate cancer treatment and opt for these life threatening cures and worsen what could have been an easily manageable health condition


3. Bogus AIDS Cures

Certain clinics in the United States, Caribbean, and Europe blatantly claim having a cure for AIDS and other incurable disease cheating vulnerable group of suffers who are looking for a cure. Beware of such claims as the cause more harm than help.


4. Instant Weight-Loss Schemes

One would give away their right arm for losing weight instantly, and this sentiment is what quacks have cashed in on. These advertise extensively in every possible media available, print, websites, television, radio, etc. And there is a wide range of products to choose from skin patches, herbal capsules, grapefruit diet pills to Chinese magic weight-loss earrings. Many of these pose serious health risks to the individual consuming/using them.


5. Fraudulent Sexual Aids

Sexual aids to rejuvenate sexual powers, increase the size of a man's penis or cure impotence or frigidity, and purported aphrodisiacs are highly saleable worldwide. From 2000 year old Crocodile Penis Pills, dried bodies of beetles to chemicals like strychnine (a poison), mandrake and yohimbine (poisonous plants), licorice, zinc, and the herbs anise and fennel a wide range of products are available. The sorry state of affairs is that educated people trust these unproven, FDA banned products over medically proven cures. Prescribed male sex hormones are helpful in do influencing libido and sexual performance, but they too come with a battery of side effects when consumed unsupervised.


6. Baldness Remedies and Other Appearance Modifiers

Entrepreneurs promise the world when it comes to cure for baldness, wrinkles, and similar appearance modifiers and millions of dollars go down the drain. FDA has acted to ban the sale of all other nonprescription hair creams, lotions, or other external product claiming to grow hair or prevent baldness and breast enhancers.


7. False Nutritional Schemes

In order to consume a nutritionally balanced meal, many fall prey to various food products such as bee pollen, over-the-counter herbal remedies, and wheat germ capsules that are promoted as sure shot cures for various diseases. Although they might not be deleterious to health but their health promoting properties remain unproven.


8. Chelation Therapy

This therapy is advertised as an alternate cure for circulatory diseases like angina, stroke, heart attacks, and as an alternative for bypass surgery. Not only this treatment ineffective but also the chemical used in it (EDTA) injurious, as it impairs kidney function.


9. Muscle Stimulators

Muscle stimulators legitimately used to cure certain health conditions (relax muscle spasms, increase blood circulation, prevent blood clots, and rehabilitate muscle function after a stroke) are now marketed to can remove wrinkles, perform face lifts, reduce breast size, tone abdomen, and remove cellulite. Use of muscle stimulators for the latter is fraudulent according to FDA.


10. Candidiasis Hypersensitivity

Candida is a fungus found naturally in small amounts in the warm, moist areas of the body such as the mouth, intestinal tract, and vagina, but suppressed resistance can lead to infection. Termed as Candidiasis hypersensitivity leads to fatigue to constipation, diarrhea, depression and anxiety, impotence, infertility, and menstrual problems. Vitamins, minerals, and anti fungal products are sold to rectify this health problem. However, the syndrome itself has not been proven.


So, the next time you see a product claiming ‘miraculous cure’ for something, think twice, research, read and find out more before investing your time, money, and more importantly risking your health into it.


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Top 10 Health Frauds