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Massachusetts Clinic Offers Free Pizza To Vasectomy Patients

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MassachusettsYou may have heard of male chimps offering meat as bribe to female chimps if they want to have sex but a Massachusetts clinic has taken this a step further. A group of Massachusetts urologists has come up with a smart, yet kinky, method to promote vasectomy operations among patients. They are offering free pizza to vasectomy patients during the “March Madness month.” The clinic offering this unique, though interesting, recipe for vasectomy is the Urology Associates of Cape Cod and they claim that offering pizza in lieu of vasectomy is just a lighthearted way to raise awareness about the procedure used for population control.


1) Pizza for Vasectomy


An advertisement has been put out which says, “Hey guys! Want to watch the college basketball tournament guilt-free? You know you’ve been thinking about a vasectomy, anyway. Now’s the time to get it done.” This advertisement is basically aimed at men who sign up for vasectomy. The clinic says that enticing patients to get vasectomy done during the NCAA basketball tournament is the right time to initiate this procedure among public. The main reason behind using basketball and pizza as a lure for this operation is that the operation requires patients to take a day or two of rest for recovery and doing so with a pizza in hand and a basketball match being telecast on television is much easier than otherwise.


2) What Urologists Say?


The urologists want people to get this important operation done at their own convenience, therefore, there is no better way than pizza and basketball to lure men into the clinic. Dr. Evangelos Geraniotis, one of the practicing urologists, terms vasectomy as an “easy and less stressful” way to control population. However, with the Cape Cod offer of a free pizza, Dr. Geraniotis may just realize how easy and less stressful the whole thing becomes.


3) Others Following Suit


However, Cape Cod is not the only place where basketball is casting its net on men wanting to get vasectomy done. It is happening in Cleveland as well, which told the press recently that number of men getting vasectomies done during the March madness is higher. Dr. J. Stephen Jones, Chairman, Department of Regional Urology, Cleveland Clinic, says, “I’m doing them every 15 minutes tomorrow with no holes. It usually won’t be that full.” He claims that the number of vasectomies done during the tournament is 50% higher than those done in rest of the year.


4)  Other Offers


And if you thought pizza or basketball was not good enough for you to turn up for a vasectomy operation, the Oregon Urology Institute is offering a deal called “Snip City.” And if figures are anything to go by, men are pouring in to get their share of Snip City. The Institute offers a recovery kit containing 3D glasses, a t-shirt, Sports Illustrated and a cooler if they sign up and get vasectomy done. According to one of the  urologists working at the Institute, “men do schedule vasectomies for this time of the year.”


A pizza, basketball, or a recovery kit, in lieu of vasectomy sounds what, ridiculous, stupid, or plain smart? Watch the following ad and tell us.

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Massachusetts Clinic Offers Free Pizza To Vasectomy Patients