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Chemical Infested Food Is Making US Kids Dumb

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Dumb KidHaving a whiz kid or genius in your family is no doubt something to be proud of. But while you cannot ensure the birth of a brainy kid, you can certainly help prevent giving birth to a dumb one. Surprised? Well, a recent study revealed that  prolonged or regular exposure to certain chemicals might affect the brain of growing children to create a child with an inordinately low IQ.


What Chemicals Cause A Lower IQ in Kids?

Premature births as well as “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder”(ADHD) are well documented in children with lower IQs. But results of a study published in “Environmental Health Perspectives” say that the following trio of chemicals might be responsible for lowering IQ's in your kids too:


  • Mercury-  Electricity plants running on coal, along with certain contaminated fish, cause mercury to accumulate in our bodies. The effects become severe when it is an expectant mother or a child who is on the receiving end.

  • Lead- Lead from peeling paint or inhaled dust from old buildings can cause lead toxicity. While a small amount may not be immediately obvious, it can slow down brain development, resulting in a reduced IQ for your child. Drinking water straight from the tap may also contain a good amount of lead at times, making it a risky practice. The “Environmental Law Foundation” also uncovered traces of lead contamination in a number of kid's snacks and juices back in 2010.

  • Pesticides- Pesticides with organophosphate are usually sprayed on a variety of non-organic fruits and vegetables . Even a miniscule amount within the body of your child may adversely affect his/her IQ. Phil Landrigan, a medical professor and pediatrician believes it to be an “IQ eraser.”



Pregnant women and young children are at risk if exposed to these chemicals. However, it is wise for women planning on becoming pregnant to avoid the harmful chemicals too. All you need to do is simply follow a few precautionary measures to protect the IQ of your child. Here are a few ways to do it:-


  • Go Organic- Try to eat organic food, grown in natural conditions. This reduces the risk of pesticide contamination by over 90%.

  • Choose Your Fish Carefully- You need to be extremely cautious when adding fish to your diet. Select from the group of mercury free fishes so you can also benefit from omega-3 fatty acids.

  • Beware of Lead- Be wary of drinking from the tap directly especially if you are not too sure about the sanitation of your neighborhood or building. Refrain from buying bottled juices and processed products for your infant. Also avoid them  if you are about to give birth.


It is always better to be safe than sorry. Help your child develop into a smart adult by taking precautions right from conception. A lower IQ not only significantly reduces the productivity of an individual; it may also lead to indecision and faulty judgment which might just land your child in trouble.


Eat Healthy and keep yourself informed about the harmful chemicals that can lower your kid’s IQ, to ensure a better future for your child.  


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Chemical Infested Food Is Making US Kids Dumb