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No Kitchen Required- BBC America Ready With Its New Adventurous Cookery Show

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No Kitchen Required- A BBC America ShowBBC America is all set to launch an innovative cooking show titled “No Kitchen Required.” The unique show will be an adventure undertaken by three gourmet chefs who are expected to hunt and forage for the ingredients required. The experts will, in fact, be vying with the local inhabitants and strive to match their levels of expertise.


The 10-episode show is expected to notch up the viewership substantially as people across America learn about the exotic locales as well as different customs and cooking traditions across the world. With each chef being dropped into a remote area and having to cook from scratch, it promises to be an adventure you can look forward to.


The Chefs

The three culinary experts being roped in for “No Kitchen Required” includes:-

  • Michael Psilakis- The owner of a Michelin starred restaurant Anthos.
  • Madison Cowan-The winner of “Chopped Champions.”
  • Kayne Raymond- The passionate chef from New Zealand.


The First Episode

“No Kitchen Required” plans to kick off with an exotic episode highlighting Dominica as its maiden venue. The show will be telecast on BBC America on the 3rd of April, 2012 at 10/9C. Shini Somara, the BBC host will help the viewers get acquainted with the show as the chefs proceed to cook up a storm along with embarking into adventurous tasks that include hunting wild boars and diving deep for scooping up oysters from the sea.

BBC America


The channel is intent on promoting its exciting, new show and has planned multiple Food Truck events which include:-

  • Sampling free fries courtesy the Fry Guy at the "Atlanta Film Festival" on the 24th of March.

  • A free dinner replete with drinks and dessert along with the main courses to be served at Santa Monica on 27th March. This event also includes a sneak preview of the first episode of “No Kitchen Required” and there will be T-shirts and stickers given away to commemorate the event.

  • Free lunch along with T-shirts courtesy “No Kitchen Required” is something to look forward to on 2nd April at New York City. The event will be organized at both Times Square and Madison Square Park from 12-2 PM.


Do watch the trial video below and give us your opinion. Get prepared to embark on a wild and adventurous culinary journey this April with “No Kitchen Required”.


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No Kitchen Required- BBC America Ready With Its New Adventurous Cookery Show