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African Mango Extract Seriously Helps You Lose Weight!

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AME 1Mango and weightloss, are you serious? Would that be your first reaction if you were told that the African mango extract can melt away your pounds and inches? Well, that is what most women would say to this but it has been proved that the African Mango extract (AME) has helped people lose weight without incorporating any changes in their diet or exercise routine. This fruit is fast becoming America’s answer to all obesity-related problems.


1) Move Over Weight Watchers


America’s multi-billion dollar diet industry has been minting money selling expensive diet pills, concoctions, exercise equipment, surgical procedures, and what not, while doing little to help American’s trim their burgeoning waistlines. Therefore, it is nothing short of a blessing in ‘mango’ disguise that the obese as well as overweight people can now look forward to losing weight the healthy way as well as without pain or side effects.


2) Praise Galore!


Mango in itself is a fruit with a lot of health benefits. In fact, the extract of the regular mango fruit is also not devoid of being beneficial in maintaining good health. But the extract of this African mango (Irvingia gabonensis) is proving to be not just safe and effective but also a cheap weight loss method. Dr. Mehmet Oz has already called it a “breakthrough supplement” as well as “a miracle in your medicine cabinet” while praising its properties on his show, “The Dr. Oz Show.” On this show, one of the show’s leading medical contributors, Dr. Tanya Edwards, has also called it the “miracle pill” and she admitted that she managed to shed 7 pounds in a month after including this extract in her diet.


3) The Evidence AME 2


Scientific journal “Lipids in Health and Disease” published a study in which men and women consuming the AME for under a month lost upto 8.9lbs as compared to just 0.22lbs weight lost in those men and women who took help from a placebo. That is 3,990% more weight loss. Isn’t it astonishing? But that is not all. Apart from weightloss, there is inch loss as well as was proven in the same study. A group of volunteers took AME 30 minutes before meals and lost a stunning 2.4 inches from their waistlines and 1.8 inches from their hips. However, the researchers connected with the study insist that weight loss and inch loss are not the best thing about this extract. The best part of this extract is that it promotes overall health in the individual even while promoting weight loss. Volunteers who consumed this extract showed marked improvements in their bad LDL cholesterol, triglyceride, and glucose levels.


4) What is African Mango Extract


The recent frenzy around this extract may be new but the fruit itself is quite old in the sense that it has been used as a diet aid for a long time, even way back hundreds of years. This bright-colored mango grows in Cameroon’s west-coast rainforests. Often called Bush Mango, this mango is different from mango fruits found in other parts of the world because it produces a typical seed, called Dikka nuts. It is the extract of this seed, which the Cameroon villagers have been using to cure their health problems, ranging from obesity, to blood sugar, to cholesterol, and infections.


AME 35) Case Studies


A mother of three, Tiffany Waterson, who lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, discovered African Mango recently and found that she could not only lose weight that she had gained after the birth of her three children but she is “loving her new body.” A 35-year-old journalist from Columbia, Missouri, David Jefferies, also had a similar experience when, in just 2 weeks, he lost 21 pounds of fat and went from jean size 36 to 32.


6) Beware of Shady Deals


With the real AME gaining so much publicity throughout America, it is no surprise that fake websites and fake products have started making rounds of the market targeting desperate slimmers. The makers of the actual African Mango extract have requested the general public and interested buyers to refrain from falling prey to such claims because the products being sold thus are neither safe nor effective to use. For optimum results, you need to have the right product and as of now, the most effective and trustworthy product is being sold by the Applied Nutritional Research, which sells the “Pure African Mango” extract. The company also offers risk-free trial of its product.


The African Mango extract is too good to be true and for those who are a bit skeptical about it, go for the 100% risk-free trial before you buy it. In case you have already tried this product, do write in to share your experience.


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African Mango Extract Seriously Helps You Lose Weight!