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Haleem Is Wonderful For Your Sex Life!

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HaleemMuslims in India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, and many other Asian countries, swear by Haleem, especially during the holy month of Ramadan. But apart from the religious connotations, this lip-smacking dish is actually believed to enliven your sex life as well. Haleem is made with meat, barley, lentils, wheat, and, of course, lots of spices. It is not only eaten during the holy month of fasting and Muharram but also sold as a snack at restaurants and roadside eateries. So, how come this humble dish is now being touted as the next best aphrodisiac available to the mankind? Here’s the low down:-



1) Haleem Improves Sex-Life


Although it is yet to be proven scientifically but Haleem boosts vitality or so says the President of the Hyderabad Haleem Makers Association in India, M. A. Majeed. He says, “Decades back, Unani doctors and hakeems advised people to eat Haleem to improve their sex-life. It boosts sexual prowess as it is healthy and loaded with dry fruits.” This opinion finds support in what another restaurant owner in Hyderabad says, “Made of meat, ghee, spices, and dry fruits, Haleem is protein-rich and helps in gaining strength. Among the dry fruits badam (almond), khajoor (date), and anjeer (figs), anjeer works wonders for men as it increases sperm count. Apart from this, Haleem also boosts vitality.”


2) Doctors Are Not Saying So


Let it be known that the doctors are not saying anything on this as of now. There have been no scientific study conducted on this topic, nor have any researchers come up with any theories to prove the importance of Haleem in increasing the virility. One of the restaurant owners, who excels in Haleem, complains, “While it is true that eating Haleem is good for one’s sex life, I feel that the doctors must speak about the same. Haleem-makers only spread the word to boost their sales. Making profit should not be the motive behind making Haleem.”


3) The Rich Haleem


The fact that a healthy diet contributes to a healthy reproductive system, there is little doubt that Haleem would not be helpful to your sexual prowess. With so many enriching ingredients in it, it is bound to be helpful to the human body in one way or another. Moreover, it is very easy to cook too although you may like to cut down on the ghee or oil content.


Well, in case you are also on the lookout for aphrodisiacs food to boost your sex life, you can start with Haleem. But if you want to wait for the doctors to recommend it first, you may just eat the dish as a snack and nothing else.


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Haleem Is Wonderful For Your Sex Life!