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Do You Eat Breakfast In 3 Minutes?

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BreakfastAre you among those who eat their breakfast running around? You are not alone it seems! A survey reveals that most of the Britons eat their breakfast in just 3 minutes, that too, standing up. Since people are busy throughout the week, owing to their busy work schedule, breakfast becomes the first casualty of the day and is followed by other meals too. People either skip the meals altogether or eat unhealthy food.


1) Importance of Breakfast


Since breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day, owing to the fact that you eat breakfast after almost 8-10 hours of fasting (sleeping through night), it becomes necessary that you eat a sumptuous amount as you start your working day. But it looks like most of the people do not understand the importance of a healthy breakfast.


2) The Survey


This survey was commissioned by Weetabix and it was conducted in various parts of Britain. The survey found that only half of the people (those who were surveyed) ate breakfast at all while other preferred to skip it. More importantly, the study also found that only a third of people use to eat breakfast in the kitchen. Instead, they ate breakfast in bedroom while getting dressed or even bathroom.


3) Other Findings


Close to 60% people in Birmingham said that they were too busy most of the mornings to eat any breakfast while more than 55% of people in London said so. One in every five people admitted that they usually grabbed their breakfast from the table and ate it while walking out of the house while one in seven ate at their work desk at least once every week.


4) There is Hope


Despite such dismal reports being thrown up by the survey, there is still hope for the health advocates. The survey also points out that three-fourth of the people still realize that breakfast is an important meal of the day and should be had properly. Moreover, seven in 10 people always ate hot breakfast.


The survey finally admits that 1.2 million of Brits still found time to eat hot breakfast every morning, demonstrating that they understand its importance. Others who couldn’t do so at home carried hot breakfast with them to eat on the bus or train while traveling to work.


So, are you still eating your breakfast in three minutes? If you are, it is time to sit back and enjoy your breakfast rather than wolfing it down.


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Do You Eat Breakfast In 3 Minutes?