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Dramatic Findings On America’s Binge Drinking

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binge drinkingDramatic findings on America’s binge drinking show that alcoholism is costing America billions of dollars as well as human life. Americans are inching towards binge drinking slowly but steadily and this has cost the country about 40,000 deaths and three-quarters of $223.5 billion in terms of money so far.


This binge drinking is not limited to the youth. Research suggests that one in every six Americans drinks four times a month, knocking back an average of 8 drinks at a time. That is a lot of drinking and it is taking its toll.


1) The Study


The study was conducted up on 457,677 Americans throughout America and it shows that drinking is an issue among people well past their 20s. The authors of the study are Dr. Robert Brewer, leader of the CDCP’s Alcohol Program and Dr. Bankole Johnson, chair, University of Virginia’s Department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences. They analyzed self-reported data, which was collected 2 years ago from US adults in 48 States and the Columbia district.


2) The Findings


As much as 36% of binge drinking occurs among people who are 35 years or older. The study says that about 13% of people within the age group 45-64 claim to be consuming alcohol five times a month, with an average of 7 drinks at a time. In comparison to this, only 28% of young adults (age group 18-24) indulges in regular binge drinking (four times a month). However, it is the young who drink the most in one sitting (9.3 drinks at a time). These were the findings of a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP).


3) The Verdict


Study author Dr. Brewer has this to say, “What is different with this study is we studied the frequency and the intensity, and the number of episodes by different groups. The frequency is very high, and the amount consumed was also very high.” He further says, “As dramatic as these findings are, they're probably a good bit higher. We've done comparisons between what people report they drink and what is sold. We're probably picking up less than a third of alcohol consumption.”


4) Other findings:


  1. The prevalence was twice as likely among men (23%) as that of women (11.4%).
  2. The highest prevalence of binge drinking is among those who are between 18 and 34 years old.
  3. The highest frequency is among the 65-plus group.
  4. Those with an income of more than $75,000 were most likely to binge drink.
  5. Those with an income of less than $25,000 binge drink most often and drink the most per binge.
  6. Most people who binge drink are not alcoholic.


Excessive drinking is bad for health and you know that already. What this study reinstates is that binge drinking is gaining ground with each passing day in America and you can control it among your family and friends if you share the findings of this study with them. You can also tell them about how to observe drinking safety with alcohol. It might just help them see the light of the day and they may just stop getting high on a bottle.


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Dramatic Findings On America’s Binge Drinking