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Why Do Americans Overeat?

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OvereatingFacts first – more than half of Americans are overweight and one-fourth are obese, which means, they are 20 pounds heavier than the average weight. Are you one of them or do you know someone who is? Well, whatever your position, the question remains why do Americans overeat? The question remains pertinent because overeating is the main reason behind the present situation.


1) What does Science say?


It has been some time since the scientists have been plucking their hair trying to find out why Americans eat too much. In their bid to do so, they came up with some surprising reasons for overeating among Americans. Not that food has started tasting better or Americans can afford more food now than in the past, those are not the reasons for the change. Some of these factors have been described in a book, “Volumetrics,” by Professor Barbara Rolls of Penn State University.


2) Volumetrics says


In the book, Rolls and her colleagues examine the eating habits of toddlers, 3-year-olds to be precise. It was found that the tiny tots were more aware of their bodily needs and ate just the right amount of food despite being served massive portions. The experiments were repeated with older children and the researchers found that as the children grew, they started eating more than their normal saturation point. This may have happened because of factors other than hunger, which, the researchers believed, may have affected the eating habits. Rolls herself says, “The 5-year olds are really responding to the portion size, rather than listening to their bodies. This is probably influencing us through the rest of our lives.”


3) Eating Because It Is There


Another study holding similar possibilities for the human race is the one conducted by Professor Brian Wansink of University of Illinois. He says, “I don’t think most of us are eating when we are hungry. I think we are eating because the food is there.” In this study, Professor Wansink invited subjects to eat soup and two of the bowls served to the subjects were being continually refilled with concealed tubes. The rigged bowls subjects ended up eating 70% more than the other subjects.


It seems to be a clear case of overeating guided by brain, as these studies have already proven. In case you need help in training your brain to stop overeating, you can read the blog how to convince your brain to stop overeating.


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Why Do Americans Overeat?