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Christmas Wonderland Episode Judged By New York Pastry King

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The New York Pastry King, Chef Jehangir Mehta surprised the MasterChef India 2 contestants last Sunday by paying them a visit. That was not all though and the contestants literally gasped when a huge cone christened the Christmas Wonderland was brought forth and the participants asked to replicate it in all its splendor within a time limit of three hours.


The competitors were not the ones to remain idle and were soon engrossed in the task. Vijaylakshmi put up a good show and managed to impress even Jehangir Mehta while Shazia did not lag too far behind either. However, it was just not Shahzad’s day as he fumbled and erred at almost every step. The dessert king failed to live up to his title and was eliminated along with Dolcee at the end of the show.

Christmas Wonderland

The Wonderland consisted of a whopping 300 doughnuts, 30 marshmallows as well as brownies and candy floss. The New York pastry king very magnanimously decreased the number of doughnuts to 100 but it remained a tall task that required an eye for detail as well as spectacular culinary skills.


Chef Vikas Khanna could not judge the episode and the onus fell on the remaining two judges along with Jehangir Mehta who seemed satisfied with the end result. 


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Christmas Wonderland Episode Judged By New York Pastry King