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MasterChef India 2 Contestants Reunite With Their Families

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Masterchef India 2 Contestants

The episode of 'MasterChef India 2’ aired on December 17th saw the families of contestants arrive with home cooked food. While the food was relished by all the contestants, the judges decided to allow the participants to cook for their families. Easy isn’t it? Not much of a challenge is what you must be thinking. But nothing is ever hunky-dory in the kitchen of MasterChef India 2. The judges set the contestants trying to replicate the taste and authenticity of the home-cooked food brought by their fellow competitor’s families.

While most of the participants could not fool the family members, it was the small machine Rajendra Mane yet again who proved to be equal to the tall task and could successfully replicate Dolcee’s favorite dish. His wife could also identify him on the basis of the presentation as well as the taste. Joseph was the other contestant declared to be safe as he managed to satisfy Shipra’s family by cooking her favorite dish.


The judges, Chef Kunal and Chef Ajay along with the noted Chef Vikas Khanna  were all praise for the duo’s cooking skills as they declared them to be safe and eligible for the top 5 position.  Sunday’s competition will take place between the other five with the fear of elimination looming large as the chefs declared that it will be not one but two people who would have to leave the kitchen of MasterChef India 2 for good.


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MasterChef India 2 Contestants Reunite With Their Families