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Blind Faith in Vegetarian Diet and Alternative Medicine Kills Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs, American business magnate, inventor, and co-founder of Apple inc., was detected with Pancreatic Cancer in 2003. Much to the frustration and distress of his family, physicians and friends, he chose to pursue alternative therapies for cancer cure, including acupuncture, herbal, exotic diets, fruit juice therapy, and spiritual consultations as his first line of treatment. A decision he lived to regret, before he sought the traditional treatment which involved surgery and chemotherapy in 2004 - 9 months after futile alternate therapy which eventually cost this business tycoon and much admired man his life.


Physicians reviewing Jobs medical profile were certain that had he opted for ‘conventional medical therapy’ as his first line of therapy, this beloved man of the techno industry could still be alive. Traditional treatment of pancreatic cancer (which is extremely rare), involves a much complicated surgery and aggressive chemotherapy. Something, that Jobs was not willing to consider when he was given the diagnosis. Why did he opt for that decision, in his own words ‘I didn’t want my body to be opened…I didn’t want to be violated in that way’.

Treatment solely by Alternate therapy (which involves a wide array of treatments that one can choose from), is usually chosen over Traditional Western Medicine only by people who act out of ‘fear’ or in ‘an attempt to control an uncontrollable situation’. In Steve Jobs case, I reckon it would have been the latter, as he was so used to handling tough decisions and challenges almost everyday.

Alternative medicine is ‘Complimentary medicine’ – as in something that compliments conventional medicinal practice. Current research state that such therapies help only in ‘Symptom Management’ of diseases like cancer, but are not a cure! As long as conventional therapy is taken as the first line of treatment there is no harm in indulging in complimentary medicine too. But, it has to be stated plainly that relying only on alternative medicine alone in such grave illnesses is a decision that can cause irreparable harm, just as it did in the case of Steve Jobs. It is imperative that in such life threatening situations, one takes an informed and educated decision. Not one that is merely based on unverified sources like the internet or advice from a well wisher.

In the case of Steve jobs, it would have been advantageous if he would have resorted to traditional western treatment as a primary line of treatment. Period! Alternative Medicine cannot work miracles and cure you of all dilapidating illnesses, the most it can do is reduce or nullify the symptoms of the disease.

We only hope that you would be wiser when you choose your line of medical therapy!


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Blind Faith In Vegetarian Diet And Alternative Medicine Kills Steve Jobs