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Edible Vaccines To Become A Reality Soon!

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Milk mixed with vaccine

The concept of edible vaccines has taken yet another step towards reality. The Nobel Prize winner Dr Barry Marshall has identified a few strains of the peptic ulcer causing bacteria Helicobactor Pylori, that could be utilized as a vaccine to keep away infections.



The novel concept that is associated with this particular vaccine is that it is edible. Dr. Marshall has proposed removing the harmful genes of the microbe and colonizing the stomach with the genetically modified bacterium. A glass of milk might be the perfect way to feed the vaccine to young children, he stated. He is currently focusing on eradicating influenza by this particular method and hopes to infuse the bacteria with genes taken from the influenza-causing virus.


Test doses were given to a number of healthy volunteers at Perth who consumed vaccine infused beef and chicken broths. The study showed that the bacteria could successfully colonize the human gut even when taken orally as food. Similar work on flu causing viral genes are yet to be carried out.


Marshall disclosed his findings at the “World Vaccine Congress Asia” held in Singapore in the last week of June. Children from the Third World countries would thus be able to gain access to immunization, which is usually a hugely expensive affair in these countries. The need for the doctor and sterilizing syringe will become completely redundant, as children will simply be able to get their immunization doses in timely manner courtesy common food products like milk, yogurt, or chicken broth.


He also hopes to counteract high mortality infections such as cholera and whooping cough with strains of modified Helicobacter pylori. The vaccine, still in the testing stages showed no adverse reactions and Dr. Marshall hopes that the revolutionary vaccine would be made available to the public within two years of gaining approval.


The bug for the trials had been collected from elderly Swedish citizens who had never felt the ill effects of harboring the bacteria within their bodies. The scientists hope to give the vaccine to the next batch of the volunteers in the form of yogurt which he believes will be a better edible vaccine.


Marshall and his team hope that the drug proves to be effective for a long time and the research teams is currently engaged in developing different kinds of vaccines for different diseases. Serious ailments like tuberculosis and HIV could also be addressed in the near future, says Marshall. He also hopes to produce some booster doses which can be taken in the same way through food preferably milk or milk products like shakes, yogurts, desserts or in the form of frozen powders.


Well, we at ifoods are keeping our fingers crossed for now. Hopefully, the day when we can be inoculated with a glass of milk may not be too far away!


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The concept of edible vaccines is very good, though do you have any idea for which disease our scientists are trying to use it? There are many people in the world who gets scared when they hear about injections, hence it will be a very useful invention for all such community!!
Rashmi Ambadkar's picture
Edible vaccines are the need of the day for all the common diseases. Mark a revolution in the field of immunological research.
FitGal's picture
I still remember the childhood days when parents used to force me to gulp down that tablet, which I insisted on being had with a spoonful of sugar because it used to be so bitter. But with this new turn in vaccination, I think kids today will have more to battle with. What would you prefer: an injection or a bitter pill?
PriyankaPoddar's picture
edible vaccinnes always sound much better than the injecting ones to me :D...salute Dr Barry Marshall !!!
Samina.Tapia's picture
This is a very good invention though I wonder for which diseases edible vaccines will be available. I hope it is for common ones, for which we had to take shots, as kids.
umaima's picture
Milk powered with a vaccine what else would a mother want. Great finding doctor Marshall.
foodiefreak's picture
Guys, pls keep updating about the diseases for which edible vaccines will be available. I am gonna watch out this space for more information in future.
thot4food's picture
Sure Will Foodiefreak. Hopefully, I'll be able to provide you with more information soon
delicious.bites's picture
I hope Marshall produces such yogurts, shakes and desssrts also soon...
Gourmet.lover's picture
It truly can't get any better than this! Kudos to Dr. Marshall
vijay's picture
Now I hear that tomatoes are being modified and engineered to carry genes that can function as vaccines for diseases such as rabies.
oatmeal's picture
I wish this comes true fast! You won't have to see the poor kids crying due to vaccination!
barbecue's picture
We all are pinning our hopes on edible vaccines, though it would be great if you mention some of the common ailments against which edible vaccines are being tested.
foodietweetie's picture
Really a good piece of info. I think this would be a relief from those painful injectible vaccines.
foodpsychologist's picture
This is welcome news ! Vaccination by this method is going to be a huge success as it overcomes all the discomfitures associated with needle vaccines. Though i believe the need for the syringe can be eliminated, the need for a doctor will still be felt. Could you please let me know the time frame in which we can expect this to be practiced widely in hospitals across the world, particularly in the not-so rich countries? I am interested in this for my darling infant.
Shakun's picture
So much better than swallowing bitter pills (literally)! I wonder how long it would take for this to become a practicing reality though...
Edible Vaccines To Become A Reality Soon!