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Avoid E-Coli Infection By Cooking The Sprouts

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The news about the spread of E-Coli infection is yet to be abated completely. Fresh reports on the contaminated sprouts affecting eight people in France started doing the rounds after the dreaded bacterium left 47 dead and thousands ill in Germany.


The food safety experts are now recommending that we cook the bean sprouts properly before eating them. But how do we cook the nutritious sprouts that taste the best when consumed raw, as part of a salad or garnish? The safety norms are perplexing the health food fanatics now! It is common knowledge that the sprouts are laden with vitamins and minerals and consuming them in its raw form gives us the maximum benefits. However, it is imperative to cook them now since they have been pinpointed as the bearers of the lethal E-Coli contamination.


The Koreans are known to eat a cooked version of the sprouts which remain nutritious. Let us see how effective the dish might be for us. The particular dish, kongnamul, is a spicy side dish in which the sprouts are cooked through and through. An ideal way to get rid of any e-coli lurking around indeed!


How To Cook Bean Sprouts

Here are a few methods of cooking bean sprouts. Take a look and decide on the one that suits you best.

  • Steamed Bean Sprouts- White rice and an assortment of sprouts steamed along withzucchini , shitake mushrooms and sautéed garlic sauce.
  • Kongnamul- The cooked beans are stir fried along with scallions, ginger and soy sauce. Red chili flakes and sesame oil are added to give it an Asian flavor.
  • Beef and Bean Sprouts- A thick stew prepared by stir frying beef and bean sprouts coated with eggs and soy sauce. Water chestnuts are the surprise ingredients of the dish that has been the invention of Chef Robert Irvine.


Food Value

The sprouts are known to be rich sources of Vitamin B and C with particularly high amounts of folate. The sprouted radish is known to contain Vitamin C as well and is considered to be healthier than the complete food, milk.


Why give up eating the healthy sprouts because of E-Coli when you can beat the micro-organism by cooking it?


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Avoid E-Coli Infection By Cooking The Sprouts