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E-Coli Infections Strike Children In Neighboring France

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Hamburger- E-Coli Source?

E-Coli infection finds new territory now! Reports of six children taking ill after eating hamburgers circulated in France. The meat for the processed, defrosted snack could well have come from Germany said the manufacturer triggering a wave of alarm in the country.


The Source

The German authorities are still battling the wave of E-Coli infections that hit the residents leaving 38 dead and over 3,500 fighting for their lives in the intensive care units of the hospitals. SEB, the company in France sourced their raw products from Belgium and Holland along with Germany.  It is still a little premature to blame Germany for the recent turn of events as the contaminated source is yet to be tested. The chief executive officer of SEB, Guy Lamorlette told the media that there had been multiple suppliers who provided the raw meat to the company for processing it in France.


Condition of The Children

All the six children belonged to Lille, an area in northern France and are believed to be out of danger at present. The representative for the regional health agency stated that the children would remain hospitalized until cured although their condition couldn’t be termed as life threatening right now.


The Contaminated Food

The culprits appear to be the ‘Steak Country’ hamburgers which were sold by Lidl, the German supermarket that had branches in France.  The SEB Spokesman said that the company had ordered their recall and the supermarket had apparently assured them that the hamburgers had been removed from their shelves.


Similarity With German E-Coli Strain

The infected children were suffering from bloody diarrhea which had also been a trait of the lethal E-Coli bacterium which struck Germany earlier this month. The medical experts, however, dismissed that it was the same strain of E-Coli claiming that it was a rare strain totally unrelated to its German counterpart.


First it was in the vegetable sprouts and now it is a part of the processed meat! There seems to be no respite from the E-Coli infection which continues to make news. The only solution might lie in sticking to the locally produced vegetables and meat products for now.


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E-Coli Infections Strike Children In Neighboring France