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E-Coli Infection: Death Toll Continues To Rise

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European Vegetable Market- Affected by E-Coli infection

The E-Coli infection affecting Germany continues to wreck havoc with the death toll rising further. The number of casualties rose to 30 as the Lower Saxony state reported a couple of more deaths involving a 68 year old man along with a young girl of 20. The death of a Frankfurt based 57 year old  German citizen has added fuel to the fire with the entire EU condemning Germany’s handling of the outbreak.


Harburg - The Worst Hit

Harburg district of Northern Germany seems to be the worst affected area till now, reported the health ministry of the country.  Along with a lone case of a Swedish national succumbing to E-Coli infection, all the other deaths have occurred in Germany. The Swedish citizen had also been a visitor to the affected country shortly before dying of the deadly bacterial infection. 

Germany is at a loss now even though the health minister Daniel Bahr is trying to dissuade people from hitting the panic button, he maintains that the worst is over with the situation improving gradually.


Source of Infection

The source of the E-Coli infection continues to delude the food techies and medical experts with cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuces and bean sprouts being singled out one after the other.


Effects on European Markets

Europe is in a turmoil now with farmers and agricultural companies threatening Germany with dire consequences if they don’t get a compensation for their loss. Spain, meanwhile, is determined to sue the Deutsch nation for being falsely blamed for the E-coli infection. On the other hand, Russia, the largest market for European produces  has banned virtually every vegetable that is grown in the continent.  The US are running scared too with tourists rescheduling their travel plans and British sports teams are preparing to give the Father land a wide berth for now.


The E-Coli infection is not showing any signs of abating just yet and it might be a good idea to learn how to grow tomatoes and lettuces in your kitchen garden for the present. It is always better to be safe than sorry.  Right?


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E-Coli Infection: Death Toll Continues To Rise