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New Generation Pesticides Threatening Honey Bees

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Harmful effects of pesticides is not just limited to humans but they have extended to insects as well. New generation pesticides threatening honey bees - is latest in news. Insecticides and pesticides used for saving crops from insects have been affecting honeybees. The sudden mysterious collapse disorder in bees has devastated this unique insect all over the world to an extent that it has become a reason for concern.


The discovery of pesticides threatening honeybees has been done by an American Bee researcher about 2 years back but the reports have been released only recently.


An insecticide containing neonicotinoid is the new generation pesticide threatening honeybees. It’s an increasingly used pesticide in US, UK and rest of the world also. The news of new generation pesticides threatening honey bees, has raised questions about the safe use of neonicotinoid. Although, Bayer, the manufacturer of this insecticide claims it’s safe for honey bees when used correctly but the reports says it otherwise.


Experiments are related to usage of imidacloprid, a top selling insecticide which is targeted to insects other than honey bees. Even though this insecticide is not targeted for honeybees they have been adversely affected. It is because imidacloprid is systemic in nature, which means it reaches each and every part of the plant including nectar that is sucked by honeybees and taken back to their hives.


Dr Jeffrey Pettis who leads the study of effect of new generation pesticides threatening honey bees, demonstrated how even microscopic doses of imidacloprid could ultimately lead to mortality of honeybees. These substances are so microscopic that it is difficult to detect in honey bees, but as the experimentation involves usage of imidacloprid, it is confirmed to be the real culprit.


In spite of having a detailed report on pesticides threatening honeybees, Government of US and UK has allowed use of this insecticide, as a result of which the devastation of honeybees still continues.


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New Generation Pesticides Threatening Honey Bees