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Health Inspectors Shut Girl’s Lemonade Stand

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A health official from Oregon has apologized to a seven year old girl after health inspectors shut down her lemonade stand. Few days ago a seven year old girl, Julie Murphy opened a lemonade stand in north east Portland. Then, something happened that most seven year old's don’t have to deal with. Just because she didn’t have a vending license, health inspector showed up and shuts her lemonade stand down. “We didn’t have a vending license. Apparently, it cost a $120 and we didn’t know about that,” her mother, Maria Fife said.

Murphy used to sell a cup of lemonade for 50 cents at a monthly arts fair in Portland. When she was asked to produce said license, and couldn't, the county inspector forced her to shut the lemonade stand. The authorities also made this clear that Julie cannot get a food vending license just because of the fact that she is seven. Well, rules are for everyone! But, do you really think that the actions of health authorities are justified? Do comment in here.

Video Courtesy @ CNN videos

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Health Inspectors Shut Girl’s Lemonade Stand