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GMO Foods Cause Tumors In Rats, Are Humans Next?

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You would be shocked to learn that the Genetically-Modified Organism (GMO) foods are the cause of tumor in rats. This has been proven in an animal study of GMO foods, released recently. The study claims that the genetically-modified foods are responsible for causing mammary tumors and damage in the liver and kidneys.


It is not the first time that questions have been raised on the safety of GMO foods, in fact, governments the world over are fighting opposition to the implementation of GMO regime in agriculture. However, the stark nature of tumors caused in rats, as pointed out by this latest study, is disturbing.

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The study, published in the “Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology,” is the first such long-term attempt to understand the impact of genetic modification on human body. While the advocates of GMO regime are untiringly insistent in claiming that GMO crops are more productive than natural crops, this peer-reviewed study is significant in the fact that it is for the first time that a study, against GMOs, has been accepted into a peer review panel.


Gilles-Eric Seralini, a professor at the University of Caen in France, led this research, which studied 200 rats, divided into groups of 10. Different groups were given different feed, both genetically modified and natural. In two years, the scientists found that 70% of female rats, who ate genetically modified feed died prematurely, compared to 50% male rats. In comparison, 20% female and 30% male rats died, who were fed on natural feed. More disturbing is the fact that the rats who ate modified feed reported greater numbers of mammary tumors (as seen in the photograph).


The researchers of this long-term study insist that the results are nothing but “an overwhelming case for further research.” We hope that the scientific community will take a serious approach to this study and facilitate more specialized and deeper research into the impact of GMO foods on the human body before GMO crops are given a go-ahead.



Image Courtesy: bobtuskin, naturalnews

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GMO Foods Cause Tumors In Rats, Are Humans Next?