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Eat Junk Food And Get Alzheimer's Free

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Scientists have renamed Alzheimer's disease as type 3 diabetes because they consider it to be a metabolic disease. However, that is not the real story. The real story is that excessive consumption of junk food can lead to Alzheimer's. What is of serious concern in this matter is that people are excessively dependent on junk food these days and are, obviously, oblivious of its effect on the body.


Science journal, "New Scientist" carried a cover story earlier this month, which claims that since Alzheimer's is caused due to brain's ineffective response to insulin and it begins with the type 2 diabetes. Since obesity is linked with diabetes, it is a natural conclusion that Alzheimer's is caused due to obesity itself. The scientists blame a weakly-regulated food industry for engineering its products by infusing them with corn syrup, salt, sugar, and fat to sell them. Besides, junk food advertizing is also playing its role in not allowing people to take an informed decision in this regard. While public reacts viciously to any attempts of monitoring their consumption, as happened in case of the Bloomberg' soda ban in NYC, the only way out of this mess is to make people aware of the actual situation.


With about 100 million people going to be affected with Alzheimer's by 2050, it is time to act fast against consumption of junk food, one of the main reasons of rising obesity, and diabetes will automatically come  under control.



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Eat Junk Food And Get Alzheimer's Free