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Your BBQ Is Giving You Diabetes!

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Grilled 1Stay away from that plate of grilled steak, bacon, or sausage if you don't want to end up becoming a diabetic. Latest research has revealed that there is  significant chance that eating grilled meat can send your diabetic rate soaring as well as make you obese. Forget whatever you were told about grilled meat being a healthier alternative. The fact is that grilled or roasted meat is as bad for you as cooked or fried one.



Grilling Research Facts

The researchers of New York-based Mount Sinai University have found that a compound present in grilled meat is responsible for your weight gain as well as occurrence of Type 2 diabetes in your life. Well, now you know why Paula Deen was diagnosed with the diabetes, considering that she borrows heavily from the Southern way of cooking. Nevertheless, the compound that the researchers discovered is present in food processed in dry heat. The study was carried out last year and the results were shocking. You wouldn't have thought that grilled meat would have so many health risks.



Shocking News!

Did you know that eating just 50gms of grilled red meat daily can raise your chances of developing Type 2 Diabetes by more than 50%. This means, eating just one sausage or  couple of rashers of bacon is enough to give you serious diabetes. At the same time, 100gms of steak, grilled of course, increases your chances by a fifth. In between the variety of meat used, the method of cooking it also contributes as the causative factor - be it barbecuing or grilling. In fact, instead of being shocked, the scientists would want you to treat these findings as a means to understand the growing epidemic of obesity in the country and use the research to avoid diabetes. It has already been cited that excessive consumption of red meat makes women more vulnerable to heart stroke. Red meat also increases the risk of gastric cancer in both men and women.



The Explanation Grilled 2

You may be forced to ask as to what makes the grilling such a bad option of cooking. Well, when you use intense heat to cook your meat, it transforms the sugars and amino acids present in the meat into cancerous compounds. The scientists came across a compound - methylglyoxal (MG) - which is a type of glycation production, specifically called advanced glycation end product or AGE. These AGEs are responsible for poor protective mechanism of the body against inflammation. Hence, diseases like diabetes are easily triggered inside your body if you continue to consume grilled meat over a long period of time. Prof. Helen Vlassara, who is behind this research, says, "These key findings should inform how we understand and prevent the human epidemic of obesity and diabetes. For more than 30 years we have been studying the potential of eliminating harmful AGEs from the body – and now from food as one way to curb the diabetes epidemic. Our findings reflect the need for a dramatic departure from standard clinical recommendations, which should now include a reduction in the amount of dry heat and processed foods in the diet."



Grilled 3The Alternatives

Well, the scientists are not asking you to stop eating meat or not to grill at all. Instead, they are asking you to shift to healthier methods of cooking like poaching, steaming or stewing. Millions of people in the US and elsewhere in the world are diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and there are many others who are obese. In such a scenario, it makes sense to pay attention to what the scientists are indicating. According to a study, three out of four households in America own a barbecue grill, which means there are consumers who are enjoying grilled meat frequently without being aware of its risks. In fact, another study has enlisted some of the foods, which are the worst causes of obesity or diabetes, when eaten in their grilled form. Some of these foods are - chicken breast, steak, pork, salmon (with skin), and hamburger. Almost all those foods, which you love to serve at your BBQ parties or eat yourself. Instead of meat, switch to veggie burgers, vegetables or mushrooms on the grill. In addition to not giving you diabetes, vegetarian diet is also known to lower your risk of developing cancer.



Eating grilled meat is almost a way of life for Americans but with this study, it is time that you think twice before slapping that steak on to the grill. Whatever you do, don't make grilled meat a deadly indulgence for your family.



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Your BBQ Is Giving You Diabetes!