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Increase Your Sperm Count With Walnuts

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Walnuts 1Modern lifestyle and a diet rich in saturated fat has posed a serious challenge to male fertility in the form of a low sperm count. The medicines in this case have only a limited impact for a short period of time. Therefore, it is no surprise that men are today looking for natural remedies for infertility, not depending too much on man-made remedies. Walnut is one such remedy, which could cure you of the low sperm count condition, if you are suffering from one.



Low Sperm Count

Male infertility arises due to low number of sperms being made, or their inadequate motility or poor size or shape. Male and female infertility is on the rise and doctors suggest that one in every six couples is infertile and men are responsible in 40% of these cases. People may not take this seriously, especially if it has not happened to them yet, but the couples suffering from infertility know what it feels like not being able to have kids of their own. Dr. Allan Pacey, who is a senior lecturer in Andrology at the University of Sheffield, throws some light on this issue, “It would be relatively easy to poke fun at studies like this, but there is increasing evidence to show that aspects of a man’s diet can affect the number and quality of sperm produced by his testicles.” It is even easier for doctors to say that a man should follow a healthy diet but just following a healthy diet is not going to do him any good, if it is not focused on increasing his fertility. That is where a study comes in handy.



The Walnut Study

According to a study, published in the journal “Biology of Reproduction”, consuming walnuts on a daily basis could improve the sperm health among men and improve the shape, movement and vitality of the sperms. The study took into account the results of a walnut diet that lasted for more than 12 weeks among the individuals who volunteered for the study. The preliminary inferences made by the scientists pointed to the fact that the fatty acids, present in walnut, helped in better development of sperms in men. However, the researchers have not tested whether walnuts can actually cure male infertility or not. A total of 117 men, aged 21-35, were involved in the study and divided into two groups. Individuals in one of the groups were given 2.6 ounces of whole-shelled walnuts each, to consume as a part of their daily diet. The second group was asked to eat their usual diet, sans the walnuts.



The Miracle Walnuts 2

For starters, the group of men who did not eat the walnuts showed no change in their sperm count or sperm health. As for those who ate walnuts, Prof. Wendie Robbins, lead author of the study, has this to say, "We found a significant improvement in sperm parameters in the group that consumed walnuts." These improvements mean that these men had a better chance at fathering a child as compared to those who did not eat walnuts. Prof. Robbins, who works with the UCLA's Fielding School of Public Health, added that the walnuts were found to be responsible for improvement in the sperm quality by way of vitality, concentration, movement, and shape. Dr. Pacey said, "The study has been well executed and my only criticism would be that the men in the walnut-eating arm of the trial could have altered other aspects of their behaviour to give the results shown in the paper. A better trial would be to produce tablets of walnut extract that looked identical to a placebo so that the study was completely blind. In spite of this, the results of the study show a small but statistically significant improvement in sperm health." At the same time, Dr. Pacey cautions, "I would be cautious about recommending this as a therapy for infertility until it has been studied further."



Why Walnuts? 

You may think what is it that makes walnuts so effective against male infertility - the answer is fatty acids. The study has pointed that it is the fatty acids (not to be confused with the saturated fats) in the walnut, which are responsible for the improved sperm health in men. Study's co-author, Catherine Carpenter, explains, "Walnuts provide a particularly rich source of a-linolenic acid, a natural plant source of omega-3, which we suspect may have been responsible for the improvements we observed." The walnuts used in the study came from the California Walnut Commission.



As for Dr. Pacey's advice, the researchers behind this study are already planning to introduce this study among couples who are already undergoing treatment for infertility. That would give them an idea about the correct viability of walnuts as a cure for male infertility. Moreover, there is already evidence that soya oil can treat infertility in women but whether walnuts would have the same effect or not remains to be seen. Till that is proved, if you are a man suffering from infertility and want to start a family, make walnuts a part of your fertility diet.


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Increase Your Sperm Count With Walnuts