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Paris Hilton Less Aware Of Swine Flu?

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Yeah, Paris Hilton seems to be taking it a little too cool, when everyone around is taking precautions for getting rid of swine flu!  

When asked to comment on the outbreak of the deadly swine flu, the celebrity literally made a fool out of herself saying, “I won’t get swine flu because I don’t eat pork!” Well, when the whole world has come to know that it is not pork that causes swine flu, Paris still seems to be under the notion that by not eating pork she can be safe!

Well, I would say, Paris Hilton needs to be educated on Swine flu and its causes; otherwise there it won’t be much late when we get to see her name in the swine flu victims list.

A quick peck for more like Paris Hilton, Swine Flu is spread by person to person contact!

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Paris Hilton Less Aware Of Swine Flu?