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Top 5 Bond Girls – The Sexy Bond Girls Ever

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Jotting down the list of the best 5 bond girls reminds me of my college days – the guys in our class were a heady mix of bond fans and proved they are dedicated by naming the girls with that of the Bond sweethearts. From Plenty O’Tootle and Holly Goodhead to Pussy Galore and Mary Goodnight – every species of Bond girls thus made a part of the good ol’ girls side (thankfully, I was not nicknamed!). Here goes the exclusive listing of Top 5 Bond girls – thanks to Jeff for the ‘valuable’ inputs and guys-side-opinions!

Hot Bond Girl Rank 5
Michelle Yeoh as Wai Lin in Tomorrow Never Dies

Micehelle Yeoh is not the typical Bond girl – unlike the other sweethearts she heats up the scene with her martial arts skills.  Whether its beating up four bad guys at a go or jumping from a skyscraper she does it all! This action-packed Bond girl finds the fifth position in my best bond girls listing.

Hot Bond Girl Rank 4
Famke Janssen as Xenia Onatopp in Goldeneye

Man! This is some women! Experts claim that with her, the manhood of the fabled Bond is at stake in many a ways’ and her sexy moves approves the same. Xenia Onatopp gets aroused by murder, especially squeezing men to death between her thighs! Quite a weird character? huh? They say looks can be deceptive, but with Xenia even an empty brain gets the cue about what she is upto! She ranks 4 in my list for her sexy appeal!

Hot Bond Girl Rank 3
Jill St John as Tiffany Case in Diamonds are Forever

Remember the sexy American diamond smuggler who made Bond (and every men) want for more? Her enticing smile, gentle sways and wicked moves everything made this eye candy of 1960s the heartthrob for many. Jill St John finds the 3rd position in my list of the best Bond girls.

Hot Bond Girl Rank 2
Lotta Lenya as Rosa Klebb in From Russia With Love

You may not find her sexy, but she exudes a persona quite different from the conventional Bond girls. Unlike other Bond girls, she never cat-walked in multi-colored bikins rather was courageous enough to give a knife-point threaten to our hero. Love her for her style and demeanour!

Hot Bond Girl Rank 1
Ursula Andress as Honey Rider in Dr. No

As Jeff said – she is something like the first kiss! When compared to the newer versions of Bond girls she is just plain, but she made her way to the hearts of millions as the girl of James Bond and has set the standards how a Bond girl should be! Remember the scene in which Honey Rider emerges from the water with shells in hand? Huh! What more is needed to make her rank the number one! The first ever Bond girl indeed remains the best!

Coming up next! The worst Bond girls ever! Jeff is busy preparing the list, have never seen him doing something with this much interest! ;)

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Top 5 Bond Girls – The Sexy Bond Girls Ever