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Goodbye Natasha

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Tony-award winning actress Natasha Richardson died today, March 18 in New York City hospital  at the age of 45 after a skiing accident.

The actress had been transported back to New York City from Canada, where she suffered a head injury after falling on a beginners ski slope.

She most likely suffered from an epidural hematoma, in which bleeding occurs from an artery in the brain.

Richardson was also known for her cooking, having been a judge on the American television show Top Chef. She has hosted several upscale dinner parties in which she was the cook. Known names to have been part of her dinner parties are Meryl Streep and Laura Linney, among others.

Just this past holiday season Natasha was a guest judge  on Top Chef  with television host, author and magazine publisher Martha Stewart. First, Martha was the guest judging a holiday-themed quickfire challenge and then, in the spirit of the holidays, the  top chefs use their skills to give back to the community by catering a seasonal cocktail party hosted by special guest judge, actress and foodie Natasha Richardson, for AmFar, the foundation for AIDS research.

Here is a link to her recent appearance with Padma Laxmi on Top Chef

Richardson is survived by her husband, actor Liam Neeson and her two sons, Daniel Jack age 12 and Micheal Richard Antonio age 13.

Natasha was the daughter of Vanessa Redgrave and  Tony Richardson.  This 5'9" British beauty was born May 11, 1963 into British acting royalty.  Her grandfather was Sir Michael Redgrave and her aunt Lynn Redgrave.

Richardson made her film debut at age four, playing one of her mother's bridesmaids in Charge of the Light Brigade (1968), directed by her father. Trained at the Central School for Speech and Drama, Richardson did her first professional stage work at the Leeds Playhouse in 1983 then went on to specialize in Shakespeare at the Old Vic.

Her American debut as as Patty Heart in 1988.

a scene freom A Streetcar Named Desire

Left: Ralph Fiennes as Todd Jackson; Right: Natasha Richardson as Sofia  (The White Countess)

Natasha Richardson and her husband husband Liam Neeson

Natasha with her sons

















































  Â Â   Â Birth Place: London, England, UK Profession: actress Education: Central School of Speech and Drama Husband/Wife: Liam Neeson (actor; born on June 7, 1952; married on July 3, 1994), Robert Fox (married in 1990; divorced in 1992) Father: Tony Richardson (director; born on June 5, 1928; died on November 14, 1991) Mother: Vanessa Redgrave (British; actress; born on January 30, 1937) Sister: Joely Kim Richardson (actress; born on January 9, 1965) Half Brother: Carlo Sparanero (aka. Carlo Nero; father: Franco Nero) Grand Father: Sir Michael Redgrave (actor; born on March 20, 1908; died on March 21, 1985) Grand Mother: Rachel Kempson (actress; born on May 18, 1910) Uncle: Corin Redgrave (actor; born on July 16, 1939) Aunt: Lynn Redgrave (actress; born on March 8, 1943) Son: Daniel Jack Neeson (born on August 28, 1996), Michael Richard Antonio Neeson (born on June 22, 1995) Cousin: Jemma Redgrave (actress; born on October 1, 1965) Claim to fame: as Patricia Hearst in the biopic Patty Hearst (1988)



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Goodbye Natasha