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Slumdog Cocktails

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When the whole of India (and the world) is HIGH on the Slumdog triumph at the Oscars, how can the restaurants and pubs in Mumbai stay far behind?

Bars owners are getting creative and have come up with some great shots and cocktails, dedicated to the film that some critics (read cynics) called ‘poverty porn’.

The movie about hope and optimism won 8 awards at the Big O, and everyone’s in celebration mode. Tetsuma has introduced an Oscar cheesecake topped with cream and the emblem on it and Wich Latte has the sticky date caramel pudding traditionally served at the Oscars. Soul Fry Casa, Fort and Dome, Intercontinental, Marine Drive have come up with imaginative cocktails. Some of them are :

Best Original – a drink made with a splatter of Absolut Citron vodka, peach snapps, Red Bull and orange juice, is to celebrate A R Rehman’s award for the Best Original Score.

Slumdog Millionaire – vodka, ginger thins, mint leaves, sour mix & sugarcane juice.

A R Hot Shot – Kahlua coffe liqueur, vodka & Sprite. This mixture blends very well, it spices the drink and zooms you up like A R Rehman’s music.

Shot-up Slumdog – Orange liqueur, Jagermeister herbal liqueur & a squeeze of cinnamon syrup. The name and the ingredients were decided on because of the controversies that surrounded the film. The drink is not very sweet, but has a herbal liqueur and is a bit spicy. It’s a taste that not everyone will like, and not everyone liked Slumdog, too. Some people in India thought that it showed our country in poor light. (Personally, damn these people! The movie was about kids in a slum, they possibly couldn’t have taken the camera into the malls).

Dharavi – a new avatar of Dirty Martini in gin, sprinkled olives & dry humus-a little of everything, things that you don’t generally mix. Dharavi (Mumbai) is possibly the biggest slum in Asia. It also has a flourishing leather industry. Portions of the movie were shot there.

Mixing of the Millionaire – rich almond liqueur, vodka & Kahlua. 

It’s not too long when other outlets came up with concoctions like Latika Latte or Jamal Juice, named after the two lead characters! Jai Ho!



Posters of 'Smile Pinki' (Best Documentary-Short) and 'Slumdog Millionaire' (Best Film). Both these films were shot in India and comprised of an Indian cast. Another such film (a nominee in the Best Documentary-Short) was The Final Inch, ensuring a strong Indian presence at the Oscars this year.

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Slumdog Cocktails