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Tina Fey, who plays the iconic character Liz Lemon on the popular TV show “30 Rock”, has been immortalized for being an unapologetic snacker. Ben & Jerry’s have launched a new flavor in its yogurt range called ‘Liz Lemon’ dedicated to the show. The flavor was unveiled at a farewell party as the show reaches its finale.


The new flavor is lemon Greek frozen yogurt with a blueberry and lavender swirl and it was unveiled to the public at a Manhattan party. Kirsten Schimoler has developed the new flavor, which, she said, was inspired by some cocktails that she sampled during her visit to San Francisco. The in-house flavor guru of Ben & Jerry’s calls the flavor ‘a bit more subtle.’


The company’s co-founder, Jerry Greenfield’s current favorite is Stephen Colbert’s Americone dream but he also likes the new yogurt flavor because 30 Rock is his favorite show on TV. About the new 30 Rock-inspired flavor, Jerry said, “It’s a flavor as sweet and tart as Liz Lemon herself.”


At the launch party, it was announced that a portion of income generated from the Liz Lemon yogurt will be donated to ‘Jumpstart’, an education organization that is already supported by Fey too.



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Ben & Jerry’s Ice-Cream Farewell To '30 Rock'