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Taylor Swift Diet Coke

After dumping her latest boyfriend, Country singer Taylor Swift seems to have found a new pastime – endorsing her favorite soda, Diet Coke. A few days ago, Beyonce ruffled a lot of feathers while endorsing Pepsi. Now it is Swift’s turn to set the news hounds in motion as she signs an endorsement deal for the soda.


The only thing clear about the deal, right now, is that it would go “beyond simple 30-second TV spots.” A company press release says that Swift “will be integrated into all key marketing efforts for the brand – including advertising, retail activation, experiential and more.” That should come easy for the young star because before Diet Coke, Swift has also been a brand ambassador for Target, Sony, CoverGirl and Elizabeth Arden, among others.


However, only trouble on the horizon is that health advocates may take up the cudgels against Swift, like they did with Beyonce. With studies linking obesity to soda drinks, that comes as no surprise. However, considering the charming personality of Swift, she should be able to handle her critics well.



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Taylor Swift To Sell Diet Coke