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Jennifer Lawrence Plays ‘Top Dog Chef’ On SNL's picture

Jennifer Lawrence SNL

The ‘Hungry Games’ star Jennifer Lawrence is not especially known for keeping a sense of humor, not onscreen, at least. But she changed that perception when she appeared on the hit show “Saturday Night Live” (SNL) to parody the ‘Top Chef’ program. Lawrence played one of the three contestants on the show, which was judged by three judges – Padma Leash Me (obvious reference to Padma Lakshmi), Tom Collie-Cio and Mario Barktali.


Judge Collie-Cio announced to the contestants that their job was to create a dish out of ingredients that they find after tearing open a garbage bag. He said, “And we didn’t make it easy. At random intervals, we rang a door bell.”


Jennifer Lawrence played the role of Bailey dog, whose idea of a brunch is either an egg shell or a candy bar wrapper. The other two participants in the Top Dog Chef contest are Scout (the sheep dog) and Hershie (the cinnamon poodle). While Scout offered to tell how he could ‘make’ vomit two ways while Hershie admitted that he had nothing to offer to the judges.


Without doubt, it was Bailey who was adjudged the winner of the show. Well, as it goes in “The Hunger Games”, Jennifer Lawrence aka Katniss just has to win this one too.



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Jennifer Lawrence Plays ‘Top Dog Chef’ On SNL