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Celebrity Cookbooks

The British adults are intimidated by cookbooks published by celebrity chefs, says a survey done by the British company selling Italian food products. Sacla is the company, which conducted the survey across 2,000 adults and asked them about their cookery book habits.


As per the result, 40% of the British adults have not opened a single of the ten cookbooks, which an average individual owns. The main reason given by the participants was use of intimidating language and words such as “Ballotine,” “Cartouche,” “Chiffonade” and “Umami.” This is why people are shying away from making use of culinary books, despite the fact that they buy these books frequently.


While Jamie Oliver’s cookbooks remain more popular as compared to celebrity chefs like Heston Blumenthal and Gordon Ramsay (any surprise?), the overall result of the survey confirms that people find the celebrity cookbooks “too much for us to digest.”


However, despite the intimidation, cookbook owners revealed that they try, at least, four recipes per cookbook, and refer to these books, at least, once in a month, more for occasional cooking for festivals and birthdays, but not for their daily life cooking. The readers want the cookbooks to reduce the usage of French terminology as well as make the cookbooks less ‘cumbersome.’ Other reasons why the common man in Britain does not use the cookbook recipes are – expensive ingredients, labor-intensive and complicated.


The bottomline is that British homes are filled with cookbooks that remain unread and unused, despite the fact that at an average, a Brit owns 10 recipe books.



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Britons Are Intimidated By Celebrity Cookbooks