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Bourdain’s The Taste To Be 'A Constant Shock'

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The Taste

Anthony Bourdain’s upcoming show on ABC, “The Taste”, is supposed to be ‘a constant shock’ if the chocolatier-cum-cartoon character is to be believed. The show premieres on the channel on January 22, 2013 and the participants, also called the “kitchenistas”, are supposed to impress the judges, including Bourdain himself, with just one bite of their food. Bourdain will host this show along with British TV star, Nigella Lawson.


No wonder then, that the classic flavors to feature on this show are going to be ‘prosciutto with caviar’, radishes with butter and sea salt, and ‘really good runny, stinky French cheese.’


While speaking on the ‘Good Morning America’ show, the foul-mouthed personality said that although the show’s premise means putting professional chefs against rank amateurs, the blind taste test, which the judges will perform, kind of levels the playing field. He said, “Knife work, presentation, heartbreaking back story, their fantastic dentistry or good haircut ain't gonna help 'em.”


Well, if Bourdain thinks the show is going to be a shock, you better check with your doctor before you start viewing it on January 22.



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Bourdain’s The Taste To Be 'A Constant Shock'