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Michelle Obama’s ‘Hitchcock’ Moment With A Lollipop's picture

Michelle Obama Lollipop

The First Lady recently had a taste of horror when she was given a lollipop to lick. The lollipop was part of the White House holiday decorations and treats. On November 29, 2012, the First Family had invited some military families to witness the unveiling of holiday season.  But the seemingly innocent occasion turned a bit scary, when Michelle Obama tried to lick one of the tea and honey lollipops, which she brought out on a tray.

Lollipop 2

While many among you may consider tea and honey lollipops to be worse than whole wheat cinnamon toast without sugar, but the lollipop also had candied carrot curls, fruits and other vegetables, all made in sugar icing. So, it was all a serious affair!

Lollipop 3

Onlookers claim that the lollipop was looking like a pile of garbage, instead of a holiday treat. Probably why the First Lady had such a horrid expression on her face while putting it in her mouth!


How many of you would want to pick up this lollipop after watching Michelle Obama’s horrified expression?



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Image Courtesy: buzzfeed

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Michelle Obama’s ‘Hitchcock’ Moment With A Lollipop