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Romney & Obama Devour Chili & Chicken Together At The White House's picture


Newly re-elected President Barack Obama invited rival and defeated Republican candidate Mitt Romney to lunch this Thursday at White House. Over a meal of white turkey chili and southwestern grilled chicken, the two leaders “pledged to stay in touch.”


While Romney was a far cry from his flamboyant style of the presidential campaign, as he arrived at the executive mansion in a single black Lincoln SUV, sitting at the front seat, the discussion between Obama and Romney was not to be taken lightly. Both of them had the lunch in President’s private dining room and discussed “America’s leadership in the world and the importance of maintaining that leadership position in the future.”


Those who have been in close touch of the presidential election fight that was going on for the past several months across the political landscape of the country would have definitely been surprised to see the two rivals getting all cosy over a friendly meal. But, as they say, there are no permanent friends or permanent enemies in politics. We guess, President Obama and Mitt Romney, both are aware of the fact already!



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Romney & Obama Devour Chili & Chicken Together At The White House