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Jay-Z Goes Hunting For White Truffles In Italy's picture

, the star of the hip-hop circuit, has taken a fancy to white truffles. On a recent trip to northern Italy, he and his entourage bought three kilos of truffles worth €15,000. The fact that the group also gorged on classic Italian fare such as egg, truffle and spinach ravioli may have something to do with the truffle-buying spree.


While on a visit to the Italian town, Alba, the rap star ventured into the woods with local dogs to sniff out the truffles. The Italian traders of white truffles are now wondering whether their rare and pricey produce is also set for more famous days around the gourmet world owing to their association with the hip-hop star. 


This is not the first time that the multimillionaire celebrity has showered his attention on a luxurious item. He is known for endorsing, and thus catapulting to fame a lot of, brands around the world like Cristal champagne, Hennessy cognac as well as the outrageously expensive Mercedes Maybach.


But white truffles are not the only thing that caught Jay-Z’s attention on his Alba visit. He also paid visits to local vineyards and drank wines worth €10,000 at one of the local restaurants.



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Image Courtesy: pitchfork, goodnewsaday

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Jay-Z Goes Hunting For White Truffles In Italy