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Anthony Bourdain Calls Fermented Shark A "WMD"'s picture

Anthony Bourdain shark

Considering the fact that he can be quite foul-mouthed while at work, TV personality Anthony Bourdain can get some really foul things to eat too. At a recent promotional event, for his upcoming show on CNN, "Parts Unknown", Bourdain was more forthcoming that he usually is. It is during this interview tht Bourdain admitted about the grossest thing he had ever eaten.


He picked the fermented shark, the national holiday dish of Iceland, for being a "WMD." When asked about the last meal he would eat on earth, Bourdain said that he would love to eat fermented shark alone to derive the maximum enjoyment out of it, besides filling his plate with "very traditional Edo-style sushi from Jiro Ono."


Well, eating anything fermented just like that is never a good idea and if the foul-mouthed Bourdain is saying it, it needs to be taken even more seriously.



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Anthony Bourdain Calls Fermented Shark A "WMD"